Saturday, September 15, 2012

a picnic of sorts

Dang gina it's hot in California.  I'm trying my hardest not to complain because seriously, this weather makes me teary eyed!! It's hotter than hot in our apartment (no ac) and just miserable for the girls and I when we're at home.

When we get the chance to head out, I literally thank the good Lord for the library and other places that have AC.  Thank you Jesus!!

Today to make a hot day at home less miserable and more fun I decided to throw the rule book out the window (who am I kidding, I rarely follow by the rules, anyway!) and have a "picnic" in front of the fans. :)

 This is our picnic... oatmeal & peas.  Two of my girls' favorites, no joke!
When I do "picnics" like this it usually ends up being me... alone on the blanket while the Love Bugs play and drop by for little nibbles every so often.  I actually don't mind and I'm not in a hurry cause I have the fan pointed right at me.  So I know that even though the temperature makes me crabby, if I can just stay cool inside and out, I'll be a better mommy for my Love Bugs.  And who cares anyway, if they're in their seats. 

 my view. "Come here little buddy! I got yummy food for you!"

"all by myseeeeelf, don't wanna be... allll by myself anymore!"

....maybe it's the music that's keeping them away? 

Well, at least they're eating. Sort of picnics can be fun on sweltering summer/fall days!

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Jamie said...

Why in the world are there places without a/c in California??? At least you got good practice in japan!