Tuesday, August 05, 2014

chalkboards make me happy

I am horribly obsessed with chalkboard paint.  I would like to paint everything in my home with chalkboard and then write myself funny little sayings, inspirational quotes, to-do lists, recipes, so on and so forth.
So it's not crazy that I would show you a simple way that I am incorporating different types of chalkboards into my life. :)

I took a frame (complete with backing and glass not shown here) from a thrift store. I believe it was $5 or so.  I took off the backing and took out the glass.  The glass I tossed in the trash but you could save it for other DIY projects.
I did not.
I have a problem with saving DIY projects for rainy days that never get finished during rainy days.  So bye bye glass! I need to focus on one task at a time (even though I have about forty projects half finished in the garage... gulp!).
Anyway, I painted the backing with chalkboard paint.  It was super easy and quick.  Took me about an hour to do and that's only cause I followed the directions to wait between coats. 

 Another thing I love as much as chalkboards is yarn.  Yarn makes my little diy world go round. Yay for yarns endless possibilities.

 Using my yarn and a glue gun I started to wrap the crap out of my frame.  I like my yarn sporadically wrapped and bunched in certain places... so this is not a perfectionists wrap job.

I also, just glued in areas where I felt needed glueing.  There was no rhyme or reason to my wrapping and glueing.
After it was wrapped the background/cardboard-turned-chalkboard wouldn't fit in the frame because of the yarn.  So I hot glued the backing onto the frame/yarn.  It was perfect.

 What do you think?
Pretty cute huh?

I might add flowers or different colored pieces during the different seasons.  Plus, at some point when I am inspired I will change my generic greeting... I figured "don't even think of ringing my doorbell and waking my baby or I will murder you" wouldn't be as welcoming as "welcome friends".  And since I'm exhausted generic will have to do for now.

What about you? Are you jumping on the chalkboard craze train? What have you created today?


Kelli B said...

This is my new fave craft. I might steal it. Muah hahaha.

Aaron and Liz said...

I LOVE chalkboard paint!! I was actually going to do a little project today with metal trays. We don't have chalkboard paint overseas, so I am trying to find anything I can to paint with chalkboard paint. I will let you know what I come up with.