Friday, August 17, 2007

Picnic Laughter

My Mom and I had a picnic lunch today at the cancer center.
She wanted to start calling herself by the Japanese word for mother which is either "Okasan" or "Ha Ha"
Mom: "Ha Ha?"
Me: "Yeah."
"Is there a hyphon?"
"So it's just Ha Ha? As in ha ha?"
"So Keigo or Kie walk into their house and say, "Oh, HA HA what's for dinner?"
And for some reason, we both found that hilarious.
Truly I am blessed. (if you look really closely on my right cheek you can see tears from my laughter...)
She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. P.31:25


ha ha said...

I love my new name! You make me smile and laugh with joy every moment we share! But if mother is Ha Ha, is father Ho Ho or is that Santa? Who is Hee Hee? Just checking...I love learning Japanese! What's for dinner, Keigo and Kie? :)

emily said...

Ha Ha---
You are hilarious!!! I am laughing really hard right now!!!! You guys are precious! I love mothers and daughters. You two are BEAUTIFUL!!! You both are radiant and EXCELLENT women of God!!!
Jo- I love that picture of you laughing!!! I want to laugh with you!

jamie said...

me too em- how bout the 3 of us.. laughing! :)

emily said...

Jamie-Seriously...if the three of us got together...there would be some serious peeing of the pants. (remember tackle spoons!?!) I love laughing. Laughing with the two of you would completely make my day. Some day, somehow, we need to make that happen!!

Joanna Kay said...

oh yes yes yes! we have to try and get us together for peeing... i mean for laughing. :)

Christy said...

aw, cute!

I love your joy, Jo. Keep sharing

Ojen said...

ha ha. i love it. Your mom seems like shes a blast =) i see where you get your wonderful sense of humor ;)

Kelli B said...

oh ha ha schupbach...i love you!

you gals are so cute. I am glad for mother-daughter bonding between you.

rah rah said...

Have you ever heard of "laughter yoga?" You two would be PERFECT candidates for that. :)