Sunday, December 30, 2007

Matthew 28:20b

Without words and without sound,
they lay your body in the ground.

Without tears,
for I'd spent them all,
I watched them let my castle fall.

Arms wrapped around,
eyes search the faces,
but who can reassure my heart and fill
the empty spaces?

Do not be afraid,
oh do not be alarmed.
Do not be convinced of this world
and what they say is charmed.

Remember all I told you,
remember there is a turning of the pages.
And lo, I am with you, Joanna,
to the end of all the ages.

There is a rumor
whispered... i
hear it with my ears.
You allow the hope
to enter and my
heart it finally pierces.

I saw you with my eyes
and felt you with my gaze.
Now I know that in this year,
not to fear the lonely days.

Your Spirit guides me in
peace so stilled
and as I wait for Your return,
let their hearts be filled.

1 comment:

Mikey said...

great words. now you should put some music to it. well, if you want. =)