Monday, December 03, 2007

It's getting *cold* in Tokyo...

Kie and I coming back from hanging out. She let me borrow her mitten. Cuuuuute! I just got back from two days in Chichibu, Asako's hometown. We went to celebrate the town's matsuri (festival). It's the THIRD largest in Japan.
Her Dad prepared our headbands...
Her Mom sewed the patches onto our happi (our coats).
Here is Asa's neighborhood shrine. It's on big wooden wheels and during this matsuri, people from their neighborhood get to pull this shrine through town. I was HONORED to be able to pull it alongside Asa and her family.
Asa's uncle and I. He is going to be the leader next year, which is an honor.
Asa and her uncle.
Asa and I went to this festival last year but this year we got to participate. It was such an honor. It's a fun little tradition that Asako and I share...
Her brother is getting ready....

All of us in our headbands and happi. We are so tired after pulling the shrine down the street and through the "parade route".
Asa and I
It was such an amazing cultural experience. I was so excited to have this opportunity.
Thank you Asako and Matsuda family!!!

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