Friday, November 30, 2007

**my calendar must be wrong...

How has it become December 1st?
How has this happened?
What happened to November and half of October?
I don't know... but I know that time is moving so fast.
Here is an update:
Mary is leaving the first half of February. Possibly around February 6th or so?
I will be staying until mid-June... I am helping to recruit, train, and welcome the summer team so I will be staying for awhile. Then home to Illinois I go. (after that, I have no idea, keep praying for me!!) :D
Mary and I enjoyed a visit with her sister Jean (hello Jean). Jean was here for one week and made the most amazing cheesecake.
Jean also took this picture... proof that I am a teeny bit crazy. :D Mary and I will be spending Christmas in Kariuzawa with our Mid-term friends. We're going to DRIVE!! I am so excited to drive somewhere, just Mary and I. It "feels" so American. Road tripping with your buddy. Hooray!! Kariuzawa is also rumored to have snow around the end of December... so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I know it's December cause the Roods are gone. The Roods left for two months to enjoy a short break in America. They get to spend Christmas with their family, go to Disney World, go to California, and many other fun things. I hope they have a blast. They deserve it. Although I did cry when they boarded the bus for the airport. :( I also know it is December because I have officially started a countdown until Mikey comes... Mikey is coming December 9th and will spend two weeks here in Tokyo. Mikey is one of my favorite people. He makes me laugh and asks the best questions. He is so sweet and kind. Mikey is obsessed with good food (preferrably Asian food) and I am sure is shocked when I eat popcorn and call it "dinner". He is an amazing snowboarder, loves being outdoors, takes beautiful pictures and has a great sense of humor.

It is, however, Mikey's other fine qualities that bless me the most. He loves the Lord first, has a generous heart, he serves his friends humbly, loves his family and is open to sharing his life with me. He sends me fun packages (M&Ms and Andes mints) and writes me letters to keep me company while we are far apart. And in 8 days he will no longer be far away from me but in the same time zone... WOW!
(isn't my boyfriend amazing?)


Kelli B said...

Is this Mikey snowboarding? Sweeeeet!

I think December may be on of your favorite months this year :)

Mom XOXOX said...

You know...your boyfriend IS amazing...and one reason on MY list is that he's choosing to date that's a wise young man! :)

Mikey said...

Yup, Kelli. That is me snowboarding, but nothing too impressive.

Leslie, I can't take all the credit cause Joanna brings out the best in me. So she is the AMAZING one!

Joanna, Saturday is slowly creeping around the corner...are you stoked or what? I know I am! Hooray for 2 weeks of quality time with you in Japan!

Anonymous said...

Life seems very surreal sometimes! To think that a little over a week ago I was chilling with a couple of the most amazing (even if a little bit crazy) women I have ever met. Tokyo was a blast once again. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you and Mary. You welcomed me into your home and it was like I never left. Thanks for the memories!!!

A chica from Nebraska-
Jean :)

Joanna Kay said...

Oh Jean! We miss you too!!

Kel Bel, this IS Mikey on the snowboard. Wow! It's also my desktop. :D hee hee hee I wish you could see his face closer in the picture, he's so concentrated and CUTE.

Aw, thanks Mom. :D

Mikey, i like that you keep saying Saturday because for me I have to wait one WHOLE day more... this is good for me. I can be patient. :D I'm so excited to see you...

Sommer said...

I can't believe it is December either, Joanna. I'm starting to get into the Christmas spirit!

Thanksgiving at home went pretty well.

Put me on the list for a visit when you're in Illinois :)