Saturday, November 24, 2007

Does Japan have turkeys?

No, actually Japan does not have turkeys...
but we, here in Tokyo, are fortunate enough to get turkeys imported from America...
So the Tokyo staff had Thanksgiving dinner together.All the ladies prepared some sort of dish to share. We got some imported goods from Mary's sister Jean who came to visit us (again) for a week. Thanks Jean!!
Here is Mary, Jin and Jennifer in the kitchen!! Yaya, Abbie, and I were at the table... waiting for the turkey to be cut. I refrained from eating the turkey leg... although the thought did cross my mind. :D
Mark and Kyle were a little excited to eat Thanksgiving meal. (wasn't Jin's table goregous??? I loved it!! She's such a hostess!)
Mark and Kyle's plate with all the traditional fixings. :D
They aren't so excited now... ha ha ha!!
The beautiful women of the Tokyo team.
I love this picture because after I took it, Kayla asked to see it and then she laughed so hard. I don't know why but she was SO cute when she laughed.
When Jean's cheesecake came out, Kayla was at the table... and wouldn't leave. She couldn't take her eyes off the yummy dessert... I wonder who she got that from??
Ohhh, now I see.
The Rood girls.
It looks good, doesn't it, Kayla?
Are we going to cut this soon?
Ohhh nice.

(and yes, Kayla got her piece of cheesecake)


Mom XOXOX said...

Awesome feast, full of fun, friends, and food! Woo-hoo for the Tokyo team having Thanksgiving in Japan! We're proud of you! :)

Petra said...

That was one big turkey. The food looks awesome -- especially the cheesecake.

(and I'm signing is as my dog, Joanna, because that's the name that pops up when I leave my comment).