Sunday, November 18, 2007

Koyou desu yo!

This Saturday the 17th, some BEST club members and I headed out to the mountains. We were there to do some hiking and to see the changing leaves... even businessmen and women aspiring students need to get into nature...
Sae, Mikkun, Mamo, Ty, Yasushi, and Mitsuru... they look really intimidating. :D
Mite! Tobu saru... well, not really flying monkeys but just ordinary monkeys. I thought this sign was so cute.
Mamo and Mitsuru in the backround.
Ahhh nature... how I adore thee.
Being in nature reminds me of Romans 1:20 where it says that all of creation is a testimony to God's existence.


Ty, Mikkun and Jo
I wanted to take a puffy vest picture with Ty but he kept making faces. I have about three pictures preceeding this one, exactly like this.
The group... oh wait, where is Mamo?
On a bridge... I forgot the name. Mikkun? What was it again? Sangubashi?
We rode the cable car down the mountain...
It was pretty sweet.
Thanks Takaosan for your beauty.
Thank you God for all things to testify to Your creativity, Your existence, and Your love for Your people.

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Mom XOXOX said...

You ARE a nature girl. What a beautiful hike with fun friends! Thanks for sharing the great pics! Fall is surely in the air... and only a PSL would make it better! :)