Thursday, June 12, 2008


I've been a bit of a rain cloud recently with all writing and no pictures. So I'll give you an idea of what my last days in Japan were like... the weather was dreary and rainy... but the club was a ton of fun. Like always.
Jennifer, Chisato, Fuyu and I went to Chofu to see a rose garden. They were gorgeous.

Jennifer, I love you.
At a fun charcoal onsen in Chofu.
My last onsen experience (minus SIJ orientation).
I love this picture.
There was a lot of time to say farewell to so many friends... laughter and tears was in abundance with every new day.
The graduated girls, we've missed you. Jennifer, Ayumi, Kie, Megumi, and Joanna

What's a party without cake? Jennifer made this cake in her little microwave oven... really???
Hm, maybe not. Well, no matter who made this cake, everyone was happy to eat it. (kayla, yaya, and Abbie)Party time.

Kaoru and Naoko
Kie and Megumi

I gave a speech, thank you Aiko for translating, and bawled through 7/8's of it. After I finished, I sat down by Kayla and she looked at me concerned and said, "Are you okay Jo?"
Tomohito and I
Hiro and I

My last full day in Japan I spent some time with Kie, Megumi and Jennifer at our favorite sport "Tully's". Man, talk about walking down memory lane. What a ton of fun to spend time with these beautiful women.
I was trying to remind Megumi of a funny story but she could not remember...
She's doubting me, I think...
I find her funny...
Remember? It went like this.
There we go. The infamous Yokohama picture.
The last day, Jennifer made a Japan-long dream of mine come true and took me to a local bread shop I had wanted to eat at but never had the chance.

Speaking of bread... I made my first cinnamon rolls from scratch. They are wheat because technically that makes them "healthier". See? I'm all about healthy eating.
Jennifer, I miss you.It was a good time in Japan. I give it two thumbs up.


Christy said...

wow. I loved the pictures, Jo. :)

Thanks so much for sharing your heart for Tokyo with us!

love you, miss you, praying for you

Keith said...

We all miss you already but we are excited about the new step that await you in LA!

Jamie said...

those cinnamon rolls look awesome!! praying for you..