Thursday, June 26, 2008

On my mind...

It's amazing the legacy one man can leave behind...
My Dad looked at my computer tonight, asked me how it was working and said, "I'll never be able to look at that computer without thinking of John Lee." (He brought it over to me and my Dad had to contact him several times to get his address etc.) My Dad talked about John Lee and his "letters" to his circle of friends the other day. If you haven't read them, you really should. They are fabulous. Find them HERE
John Lee has been on my mind since about May... well, he's never too far from my mind but recently, he's been on my mind a lot more. I've just been thinking about his life, his death, and the people who loved him.
It's awesome to see that when we live out lives sold out to Jesus, his Spirit in us can impact the world, even after we're gone.
I've "known" John now longer in his death (almost 2 years) than I have when he was alive. I had only met him a month and a half before he passed. Yet, he lived so fully in life, that I cannot, for example, pass by the restaurant I first met him in without thinking of him. I find this astonishing because I cannot remember the "firsts" for many things... I just remember finding him so intriguing that first night.
I had heard he was shy but he was so friendly and personable. We joked and laughed about things as if we had known each other for years...
At the EDGE summit I heard another guy talk about John and the impact he had had on his life... I wish I had known John longer... and yet, a little bit of his love for the Lord lives on in all of us who knew him.
This post is nothing more than my thoughts... nothing too interesting... I just heard people wanted to know "what was up" and tonight John Lee was on my mind.

Note: for those of you, who are new to the blog. Click HERE to read about the last days of John's life...


Mikey said...

Interesting that you blogged about John. I shared about him a little bit last night at my funding appt.

Jerry said...

it's funny that you share those thoughts of wanting to have known John longer. i found myself longing for the same things when i met some of his friends from years back. we met recently by chance and recognized each other from the funeral and a previous event. anyways, i was thinking that i knew john for only 3 years, 4 if i count knowing him as an acquaintance. and yet i know others knew him on levels i don't because he had so much history with them. anyways, i feel you jo. i guess i'm grateful for the good season that i did have with john. my mind still wanders to him a lot. i'm glad we get to share those memories about john's last summer together joanna =)

Yasushi from Japan said...

Hey,Jo. Can you believe it's already been a month since you left. How fast time goes on.

Thanks your post for letting me think of John. I could read his letters through the link.It's still hard to read because of the english that is really for native english speakers.
As you may know,in this summer we go to Ooshima. i didn't go there last year, so of course it's first time since that trip.
I'm sure that it gonna be fun time ,but also it takes me back the sadness we got from his death.
I'm glad to remember and share about John with BEST's member, but also I'm sort of nervous about the share because some of us know neither him nor even what happened two years ago yet.
I feel bittersweet.(Is it correct to use this phrase now? I dont exactly know how do i use the word“bittersweet" haha)
Anyways,It's good for me that you reminds me of him.
And thanks again for attaching the link I didn't know.
I had wanted to talk with him in English and to tell how much i could improve my english skills.
By reading his letters on the website,I could know his thought. It feels like I can talk with him. i know it's just reading and i can't tell my thought.but i feel like that. Thanks.