Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sweet Little Reminders

God keeps nudging me with thoughts of how blessed I am and how the things that "weigh" me down in this world are so temporal. One way that he does this is through the blessings of stories and hearts willing to share those stories.

Through Jamie K's blog I found Angie Smith's blog.

She tells the beautiful story of what she went through when she miscarried (her daughter was sick) nine months ago. She's so open and vulnerable.

One thing occured to me, if I do not have the strength and grace to go through the daily struggles and "small" obstacles that life presents, how will I ever be able to praise God and turn to Him for strength if I am asked to walk through something bigger?

I cannot cultivate a heart that trusts and leans on the LORD in big obstacles if I cannot trust Him in the small ones...

Oh Lord, forgive me for my unbelief. Grow my heart to be forever leaning on and trusting You. Perhaps the way is unknown to me Lord, but You... You are never unknown to me. Through all the things you have asked me to walk through, Abba, You have always been with me. Immanuel.

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