Friday, January 30, 2009

homemaking 101

Recently, a blog I like Girl Talk has been doing a feature on homemaking. Right now the series is focusing on what Moms of teenagers and teenagers can be doing to cultivate this attitude of homemaking into their lives which doesn't directly affect me; since I am no longer a teen (totally told someone my age and told her I was 25... oops, I'm 26, the ages are just starting to bleed into each other. What's the difference between 25 and 26? Not as big as I thought 15 and 16 were... anyway, that is another topic...) and not yet (Lord willing) a mother.
But it's been fun to read about and gain some insight in different ways a mother can be encouraging her little ones.
The way that these ladies present homemaking gets me excited for homemaking and even in the mood to try some of the tips out now (blueberry pie, anyone?). Along with this series, my best friend Kelli is starting to get into sewing... totally something I've been wanting to cultivate in my own life. Insert drooling face here... sewing, crocheting, quilting....
Yet, I am aware that homemaking has to be more than just my physical attitude. How do I view the home? How has the home being cultivated in my mind?
Luckily, I've had some examples of living life and sharing Jesus from the home; for example, Living life with your neighbors and sharing more than just a casual greeting with them.
The ladies over at Girl Talk get me excited with quotes like,
"We as women have a unique task: to change the world by devoting ourselves to home life."
"Homemaking is a career that demands considerable expertise, may encompass decades of our lives, and has the potential to spread the gospel to our families, churches, communities, and future generations."
Wow, that makes doing laundry and washing dishes sound so purposeful and exciting... I encourage you, ladies to read into the series, now. Keep updated with it daily.
It's never too late or too early to start using the building you live in to be so much more than just a pile of bricks. Instead, your home can be a foreshadowing of Home for so many of us weary travellers.
Wow, I'm so excited to start adapting this; I think I'll go mop my floors or something. :D


Keith said...

Little Jo Homemaker. Seriously From the looks of your pie and other recent cooking I think you are well on the way to that title. Here's the test. Did you really go mop your floors?

Hey speaking of pie you commented over on "a second slice of pie" saying you might be visiting IL soon. As you know I live in a bubble not in IL! But if I were to see you when you came home your "ish" would have to become April 2nd "ish".

Any chance you'll be home in May or June? I'm guessing this current bubble dweller could really use a shoulder to cry on by then.

Kelli B said...

I would love to sew together! This is EXACTLY WHY we need to find a compromise. Either you move to Des Moines or I move to LA...b/c we NEED to be within driving distance girl! We could do so much together...

One of these days! Lord willing, we will be together!