Friday, July 23, 2010

little train stations

In a little station stop outside of Shinjuku is the best and I mean the very best bakery!
Mitsuru Bakery

My good friend Chi works here and I'm sooooo glad she does.

At a little station stop outside of Chofu is the cutest coffeeshop and i mean the cutest!

My good friend Asako used to work there and I'm so glad she did...
or I never would have heard of this place and tasted their delicious chai tea.
(this is not a picture of Asako)

At a little train station outside of Shibuya is a Japanese ice cream shop.
No one I know worked here.
But our friend introduced it to Mikey and on a date he introduced it to me.  Yummy!
(the black spotted choice is black sesame ice cream~ actually very delicious!)

At little ice cream shop they give you a little pile of "konbu" or seaweed to break up the sweet flavor of ice cream with something salty.
Not my favorite.
Just give me ice cream and call it good!

At the little ice cream shop there was a little cup of tea...
and that tea was good

to the last drop.

Who knew these little train station stops had so many cute things?  Thank you to all our friends who know Tokyo's little hidden places!


Leslie said...

Very artistic and fun! What a cute idea to blog about. These places sound wonderful. Can I go with you next time? XOXOX

Joanna Kay said...

Of course you can! When you come visit we will be having so much fun visiting all the different places. Everywhere I go I think, "Oh man! Mom would love this!"

malida said...

hi, i know this is a bit out of the blue and completely random, but i was wondering if you knew where john ho lee's grave is at, i was one of his former students and i just found out about the details of his death around this year, even though i knew he left us years ago. i'd like to pay my respects. if you could help it would mean so much to me. thank you :)

Joanna Kay said...

Hi! Thanks for writing.
John Lee is buried in Cypress at Forest Lawn Memorial Park at
4471 Lincoln Avenue
Cypress, CA 90630-2507

thanks for writing! Let me know if you have any more questions!!

Anonymous said...

My bag made your blog...and made it to Japan.