Thursday, November 18, 2010


 A way for me to get daily exercise (#21 on my 28 things) is to set a goal.  
So when I found out there was a 5K in Normal the same time I was going to be there,
I said hello to my new goal.
It was really fun training for it and having it before me.

the one thing I was not ready for was the cold. It was so cold and windy that day that I hardly knew what to do with myself.
I basically just dealt with it by wiping the snot on my sleeve and pressing forward. 

I finished in 31 minutes and 48 seconds.  Not a world record, not even close... but a time to start with and compare to all the future (Lord willing) races that I will be signing up for in the future.
I think I can do my next one under 30 minutes with more training and less wind! 
Midwesterners are awesome crazy people!


Nicole Suzanne Farley said...

WAY TO GO Joanna!

Mikey said...

I'm really proud of you!

Kelli B said...

Nice JO! Especially in the cold climate. I'm so excited you've hit another goal :)