Friday, November 19, 2010

these are a few of my....

Isn't the blogging world great? I mean, really great? You can surf people's blogs and most of the time meet genuinely wonderful people on the other side of your computer screen.

Well, today I stumbled upon this blog 320 Sycamore through first going to this blog Jones.  Click. Click. Click and suddenly your "sitting" in someone else's living room whilst wearing your pajamas and reading about their lives. I love blogs.

I think I love blogs so much because while I lived in Japan, it was a break to read and communicate with people in English.  Blogs made me laugh.  Blogs were a way to pass time and rainy days when I felt misunderstood or alone.

Anyway, I am a fan of blogs.  So I wanted to join the "party" of bloggers who are now posting...

and tell you a couple of my favorite things....

fall leaves, fall flavors, pumpkins, reds, oranges, the chilly air, jeans being worn, boots coming out of closets, football, again I say, football (in case you missed it)... I love everything related to fall!! 

(click here for photo credit)
I have traveled the world and found no coffee that compares to my beloved Java House.
Java House was my favorite job that I have had to date and leaving was not a smart decision. If I lived in Iowa City, I would beg Tara to hire me back. :D
If you live anywhere near Iowa City or are traveling through on i-80 let me know and I'll get you directions! Best. best. BEST coffee ever! 

One of my favorite things is my family's history and history in general.  I find history to be very interesting.  My friend said it the best when he commented that to think of people alive before our times is mind boggling. (my own paraphrase of what he said)
This picture is of my Grandma. I love to hear the stories of how she lived with a bunch of girls in Peoria, worked as a housekeeper for awhile and how she impressed my Grandpa with her farming skills.... or maybe it was how cute she looked in bib overalls.
I love that my Grandpa farmed before there were tractors or cars.  He was plowing fields by horse.
I love that my other Grandparents met in a grocery store and that she asked her mother for cookies, her mother refused and my Grandpa thought to himself, "If she were mine, she could have all the cookies she wanted."
I love that my Grandpa was in Japan during the signing of the peace treaty in World War 2.
I love that my parents met in pep band and that they walked the quad where my dad (illegally) picked a tulip for my mom.

I love my family's history. And hubs and I are trying to get more history from his side of the family. 

 Speaking of which, Hubs is absolutely, hands down, without a doubt one of my favorite things.
He makes me laugh and makes me smile.
He puts up with my crazy ideas and a 100 miles a minute talking.  He's just so much fun and I totally am in love with Hubs.
It's my personal quest to keep him entertained.
hmmm... was that in the vows?

A recent favorite would be birds.  I can't get enough about birds right now.  It kind of started with the verse about how God knows when a sparrow falls and how He cares for us more than that.
But then it's just become an obsession.  
I love birds!

And that, is a small but starter list to a few of my favorites!!
Go to 320 Sycamore and join in the fun!!


Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I love the stories in your family! Thanks for sharing.

The Starr Family said...

This is the most personal, beautiful list! Thank you so much for sharing your stories!

You and your husband are beautiful together, here's to many 'tulips' in YOUR future!

ps.. love your blog header!!

melissa * 320 Sycamore said...

Joanna~it's nice to meet you , Joanna! Love your list~thanks for joining us today!

Marlee said...

I was touched by your grandparents story and it sounds like you and your hubs will be making some sweet memories also! Love the photo of the cardinal.

Tys said...

Love your list! Your thumbnail of the cardinal made me click on your link... I'm lovin birds right now too! Family history is so important and something to cherish, have fun making your own! Sounds like you will!

Bobbie said...

Love that list and story! I just put up a big bird feeder in backyard not too long ago and bought a bird book to id the ones that visit me. I know.... you would think I am an 80 year old! (I am 40)!! But the Birds are nice vistors!

Yardly said...

I'm thankful for listening to a guy yell at people to get of his lawn. For catching a a couple of cross country trains or. For Pizza, ice cream and scones. I'm most thankul for awesome friends who have given their hearts to a truly AWESOME cause, and theior ability to convice me to stay late and trust God with the results. It was great to sit back and watch him come through!

I miss hanging out with you two... you three ;) and the traveling fourth who was out of town :( ... already!

karen said...

You take great pictures! The cardinal is amazing! I have a photo linky party you should link up a picture to!