Friday, February 04, 2011

as promised

As I promised, here are the baby bump pictures we've been waiting to post till word got out. 

Six weeks! 
I like to think that I am one of those flat belly ladies but truth be told I always have had that little pudge where a baby should and does now live.
So although I would never show this ever for any other reason, I guess I have nothing to hide now.

 10 weeks

And today's photo!
14 weeks!
Welcome to the Second Trimester.

Overall, pregnancy has been decently good to me.  I get extremely tired some days.  I still get really hungry although I've stopped waking up in the middle of the night for a snack or two. I'm still able to walk and get around where I need to.  I feel mostly energetic at this point.  Not back to 100% (will I ever?) but definitely more energetic than the start of the first trimester.  Around Christmas I literally laid around all day just sick. Blech.
Yesterday I was laying down for a quick rest when it occurred to me that I am going to be a mama to these sweet babies.  When I walk in their room, it's me they'll stretch their arms out to.  For a little while they will need and want me.  When they cry out in the middle of the night and finally learn to talk, they'll cry out "mama" and that. will. be. me.
Maybe this hit every other expectant mother right away when she was waiting to get pregnant or when she found out she was pregnant but it's just hitting me.  Things hit me in stages. When we found out we were pregnant and then the surprise of twins, I think I was still trying to believe that I had someONE inside of me. SomeoneS I should say. :)  But now that the belly is growing and there is no denying it's not just holiday cookies and treats, it's two little lives growing up inside of me.
Wowzers. God is good.

On a lighter note, I saw a lady I knew from church at the grocery store and she said, "You're really starting to show."
To which I could happily reply, "Yeah and did we tell you it was twins?"
I know I'm going to be huge and lovingly stretched to my limits but there is something nice about being able to tell people, "Oh it's twins."  and it's especially nice to know it's twins when I read my "where you are at" stages in my pregnancy book and it says, "You should just be starting to notice a bump."
hahaha That makes me laugh.  I'm pretty sure I had a noticeable bump like a month and a half ago.  At least noticeable to me.
Anyway, hope you enjoy the pictures.


Leslie said...

My precious Joanna Schupbach Wang! That is a serious twinkie bump! :) You are glowingly beautiful! You will be the best mom ever! God had chosen you and Michael from before YOU were born to birth and parent these babies! No one else would do! Congratulations to the Twinkies for being given you two as their mommy and daddy! XOXOXO pat-pat...pat-pat

Kelli B said...


I love these photos, I cannot believe you are having TWINS still!

But now that i see your lovely growing belly, it's being confirmed in my mind :) And you are right, being the height you are and growing 2 babies, you are bound to show a little faster. Oh, my word it's so so so sweet!!!

I wish I could fly there and we could belly hug and birth our babies together. For now, I'm enjoying your updates from afar and cannot wait to greet those little Twinkies one day!

Ed said...

You are growing in so many ways beyond the merely physical.

It's "the bumps you cannot see" that are so amazing and wonder-ful:

that sense of 'Mama';
Life fashioning life within you;
your life bearing unending life;

your heart and soul opened to invest in that which is part of you, of you, and yet unto itself and back to and belonging only to God.

All this and more is what the bump illustrates.

You gotta love the bump.

Auntie Beth said...

Could you be any CUTER?!?!? I am so filled with wonder at what God has done in your life - and now to think He has added two sweet babies (all at once!!) to your loving arms!!! It is too awesome for words!! We are just thrilled, and LOVE those pics - please keep them coming!!!

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star!!

Jillian said...

You are adorable! Hope the second trimester is treating you well. Twins?! That is just awesome!