Monday, February 07, 2011

the pregnant mind

Oh, the mind of a pregnant lady.  It really makes me chuckle quite often and I am definitely the entertainment of Hubs' day... well, when am I not.
But pregnancy has definitely made me more flighty and oblivious to things around me. 
I stammer and stutter.
I asked my Mom on the phone, "Wh-wh-wh-wh-when do you do that?" one time while talking.  Although it makes me laugh it can also make me quite frustrated.  I feel like my mind is twenty steps ahead of my mouth.
The other day I told Hubs, "I'm craving grupefrait.... grupefrait?"
To which we both just started laughing hysterically because I obviously meant "grapefruit" but was not able to say it. Oh man.

My dreams have also become a source of entertainment as I quite often have very distinct and memorable dreams.  Then when I wake up, I'm usually too scared to go to the bathroom, get a snack or even open my eyes.  Even if the dream wasn't necessarily scary I get really scared at night.
For two-three nights what we thought was our CO monitor beeping going off at short intervals throughout the night was waking me up and allowing my mind to run quite wild at the thought of what could be setting it off.  
Not only does my darling snore peacefully through all the beeps but he also doesn't have the even more heightened imagination like I do.
I was CONVINCED that there was a man by the CO monitor making it go off (did I mention it only went off at night) and even though my bladder was about to explode and I kept thinking, "You have to do this. You have to get up." I couldn't. I just couldn't. I mean, could you if you thought there was a man blowing on it to make it go off??
Oh pregnant mind.
So what did I do? Well, the sensible thing of course. I woke up Hubs (who shouldn't have been sleeping so peacefully anyway) and asked him to take me to the bathroom which is literally three steps across the hall.... but I had to walk near the CO monitor so it made sense... sort of, to me.
No man, and actually it was the fire alarm running out of batteries.
So Hubs thinks I'm funny... not necessarily in the moment but definitely the next morning.

Last night was one of the "scariest" dreams.
Okay, relatively speaking because I have definitely had worse but this was the strangest scary dream of pregnancy.
To preface....
You all remember Wilbur. My beloved Scarlet Finch that won't eat any of the seeds but the sunflower ones so we end up with a mess.  We're worried he was drawing up gang lines because he fought some other birds once and now has a lady friend.
Does that jog your memory?
Well, the other morning Hubs woke up and opened our blinds only to find a CAT staring at him from the perch of our fence. Hubs said it was so freaky.  I am so thankful that I didn't see it because I would have screamed. My man can handle that sort of creepy stuff. Ew. Anyway, apparently the cat likes to "watch" our birds eat. I'm sure it does, probably envisioning how fat and juicy they would taste.  It really makes me mad but I haven't seen the cat yet to do anything about it.

That is.
Until last night when the cat and I first encountered.
Prego dream #1: the cat was sitting on the fence eating a duck.  I was yelling for Mikey to help the poor duck out.
Prego dream #2 (the worst one): the cat was actually eating the fallen seeds from the ground and had more of the yucky wild animal (like it's a rat or something) feel to it.  I DID NOT FEEL IT. I mean that the feeling you get when you see it was more like a dirty creature rather than a sweet little animal. Anyway, I tried to scare it from the pile and it ran away but it was actually a "mutt" or a "mixed race" cat.  It had the tail of a raccoon, the fur of a beaver and the mobility of a cat.
Anyway, it ran away but it woke me right out of sleep and I was fuh-reaked out.
I could not go back to sleep.  I wasn't necessarily worried the cat was inside or anything but I was just too "riled up" inside to do anything logical at that moment. I could not relax to fall back asleep.
So I almost woke up Hubs to let him know that I had figured out why the cat was hanging out but I figured it could wait till the morning.
I'm sure Hubs is grateful for that.
So I'm not sure what it is about prego minds and their ability to focus so keenly at night and then get totally lost during the daytime. I forget my phone and later find it in my pocket. I lose my keys. I walk out of the house almost everytime thinking that I forgot something. It's crazy really.
But the nice thing about being me, is that I can laugh most things off.  Yesterday for example, I gave an announcement at church and ended it with, "Okay, talk to you later." as if I was leaving a message on the phone. Sheesh!!
I tell Hubs, I happen to think I'm very funny.
The nice thing about thinking I'm funny is that I'm able to laugh at myself and many of my situations.  Take for instance, going to a Packers superbowl party when I am a Bears fan.  There is clearly only one solution to that dilemma.  And that, is to have a sense of humor.

And he would agree... unless of course it's at 2AM and my bladder will explode unless he protects me from the beavcooncat.
I don't think he would even humor me if that were the case.


Alissa said...

"Talk to you later" totally takes the cake!!

Holly said...

are you sure that you can blame these things on pregnancy? reading your blog they just seem like "joanna" things. :) love you!

Joanna Kay said...

shhh holly!!

Leslie said...

I am laughing out loud! You are the best! Seems your twinkies may be quite creative as well! Do you pat them back to sleep after you have awoken? Thank you, Mikey, for protecting your family from these wild attacks! We love you four! XOXOX

Kandice Redman said...

Oh my goodness! Joanna I am so happy for you. It feels just like yesterday we were walking through the park in Tokyo and I remember you saying, "I really just want to be a mom. I can't wait to have children". Isn't it funny that I remember that? Anyway, then and more now I shout a resounding cheer that you are going to be a marvelous mother! So happy for you and your hubs!

Jamie said...

ha ha HA ha HA HA ha!!!!
i can SO relate. don't worry. :)