Friday, June 24, 2011

34 Weeks

 34 Weeks ladies and gents!! 34 weeks of pregnancy have passed me by. Crazy!! And two remain till it's "safe" for the girls to make their debut and 6 remain till my due date (which no one thinks I'll last til then).  So we shall see.  It's a bit surreal that Hubs and I will have two little ones in our arms in a couple of weeks or more.  Seems like another world... to go from couple to family in a moment.
I can't quite wrap my head around it yet. :)
The girls are doing really good.  I'm so proud of them for staying inside and growing so big.  They were around 4 pounds two weeks ago and are probably 4.5-5 lbs by now.  We got to see them again this past Tuesday and they continue to be the cutest fetuses ever. :)  They are definitely movers and shakers.  They love music and spicy food.  Baby B (furthest from cervix) continues to lie horizontally on the upper part of my uterus or closest to my heart. (awwwww....)
Baby A was still breech last we saw.  She sits with her little legs out, bottom in my pelvis and head up near her sister.  It's kind of cute that she's reclining but it's kind of also time for her to move. ha ha!!  She's been moving and wiggling a lot recently.  I am feeling really encouraged that she will decide to go head down once the time comes for her to do so.  I have been praying fervently for my sweet daughter to do some flips and I am met with a lot of peace and encouragement when I do so.  In my head is the image of the widow who knocked on the Judge's door (Luke 18).  Even though I'm not crying out for justice in this case, I am praying to not lose heart and Jesus said to pray without ceasing. :)

In other news, my feet and hands have puffed up quite nicely in the last 4 weeks or so.  It was kind of sudden and today is the fattest they've been for awhile.  I included a picture from my honeymoon (ahhh sweet bliss) and a picture from today (ahhh sweet pumpkin feet)... can you see a difference?

And just for a fun... a collage to see where I've come from these past 34 weeks.  
 I love how big I thought I looked in the pink pants picture and again in the tank top picture.  Oh sweet naivety! (p.s. i'm holding up a "3" and a "4" in the last picture for 34~ kind of hard to see)
Keep praying for us and we'll keep you posted on sweet babies' progress, position and delivery!!
With love....


Alissa said...

So excited for you and Mikey!! You look beautiful Joanna! Amazing how much can change in 34 weeks! :) Love to you all!

Ed said...

I give in.
I am glad to finally admit it.

Women are more wonderful than men.

They can do things with their bodies that men can only do to their bodies with too much pizza and beer over a long, long time.

The contrast being intensified further that, with men it ends up in disgrace and the destruction of life in hardened coronary arteries; but with women it ends up in honor and glory and the multiplication of life in heart-throbbing little puffers who make burping and pooping a different kind of relief altogether, if not almost a sacrament.

You asked me not long ago, "Who are you!?"

Well, now I return the wonder.
Just look who you are!

"Many daughters have done nobly,
But you excel them all!"

Kelli B said...

Gah!!! You have changed so much my friend. I wish I could be beside you for those daily changes.
Just TODAY Marcus and I were talking about the wonder of being parents. That thought you had, of going from a couple one day to parents the next, really hits like a rock. we tried and tried to prepare - but experience we think is the best teacher. Man oh man, it's life changing. But for the better!!

And those twinkies are going to join one of the most awesome families ever - they are so lucky to have you both as parents.

I can't wait to get your news of their arrival...but hoping it will be a few more weeks, and with flips having happened by then :) Praying!!!

Joanna Kay said...

Thanks everyone!! I'm so blessed with good friends. :D
I'm thankful these girls are going to have such an awesome surrounding of godly women and godly grandparents. :)

spartacus21 said...

You look so beautiful my friend! I can't wait to see you again in 5 weeks!!! So much will change by then! Love you Jo.

jamie said...

wow, you are SO CLOSE! 34 weeks -- almost there!

Auntie Beth said...

You are just SO CUTE!!!!! But awww, your poor little puffy feetsies!!! I am just so proud of you for the amazing job you're doing in this fantastical pregnancy. You are small but mighty, my dear!!!!

Lots of love to all 4 of you!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!!

Emma said...

oh Jo! You are so beautiful! I LOVE the collage over the coarse of your pregnancy. You were SO big at 34. I can't get over it: so beautiful.