Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the twenty-first of june

 Some days hold just a little more twinkle in them than other days.  Do you have days like that?  The twenty-first of June is the day my Grandpa Schupbach was born, the day my parents got married, and the day my brother Jonah was born.  I've never known such a fun day (and it's the first day of summer, officially) and wanted to commemorate the speciality-ness of it all.

 Happy Birthday Dr. Jonah!
Love you more than you know and so thankful for all that God has done in your life.
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad
An anniversary is an event we do not celebrate as we should.
Shame on us. Seriously!
To give this anniversary and the celebration the blog post it deserves I link you to my Dad's blog where he so eloquently remembers the day he met my mother and all the days there after.
And to my Grandpa, who has since gone Home, I remember and love you for all the wisdom, gumption and life you passed on to me.  Your footprints remain and we faithfully follow you.
Happy Birthday!


Alissa said...

A twinkly day indeed!

auntie beth said...

precious pictures of such beautiful loves! xoxoxo