Friday, September 16, 2011

four years ago

 four years ago a boy walked into my life and made me feel different from any other boy in the whole world.  i came home from japan and told my mom & sister-in-law, "I met a boy"... never before had a boy had such an affect on me and I was completely smitten.
I liked him almost right away and hoped that he felt the same way.
and he did.
september 16 he asked me to be his girlfriend.
What precious memories and what an awesome journey this has been.

then september 6 2009 we got married and we just celebrated our two year anniversary. 
I love you Hubs.

Hubs gave me the best gift ever... my daughters.


Keith said...

Dear Wangs,

Happy Anniversaries :)

You are an awesome couple and I am honored to call you friends

Jordan said...