Monday, May 14, 2012

M.I.M: ENFPs unite!

I'd love to tell you about the first time I met Megan but whoops, I've actually never met her.  I met her husband back when he was an Indiana student over the summer of 2006 when he came to Japan to hang with students for a cross-cultural experience.  I really liked Jason and the other Indiana students so naturally when he got married I knew I would equally enjoy his wife Megan (actually I enjoy Megan a bit more but that's because the more we talk, the more we find we're kindred spirits, I don't think her husband will mind me saying). We both realized we're ENFPs on the meyers-briggs which is fun because every time Megan writes me an email I sit there nodding and agreeing with 99% of what she has to say.

Megan and her husband have been married for four and a half years to which she adds "I'm still newly married enough that I count the half years!"  They've been hanging out in Japan for a little over two years and three months ago Megan gave birth to her sweet and ah-dorable little peanut, Lucy!  I really should have asked questions about birthing in another culture but that seems to digress a bit.  We'll have to save those questions for another chat. Anyway, I thought it would be great to ask her some questions not because she is a seasoned veteran of intertwining home and hosting but because she is in the thick of it.

Thanks Megan for taking time to answer the questions!!

**What has been a highlight of living overseas with Lucy? 
Its been a huge blessing to see the students respond to bringing a new baby into our ministry. 

**What has been a hardship? 
Its really hard for me to change from the mindset of what ministry looked like before to what ministry looks like now. I know deep in my heart that I do not want to put my children on the altar of ministry by trying to force my own agenda on them, and I know that my investment in her little soul now is so valuable and her needs are more centered around being at home, yet its hard to shake my expectations to still participate fully in ministry activities outside our home.

**Do you intertwine ministry and your home? If so, how? 
I recently received some wonderful encouragement that home (taking care of babies, doing the laundry, etc.) IS ministry because Jesus is the center of our home and family. Its hard to change gears from ministry being only one-to-one discipleship or big group events or more event/activity oriented. But bringing students into our home and just doing life as we follow Jesus, even if its without specific agenda, truly is ministry. Jesus really did discipleship just by living life together and teaching as He went. So yes, I'm learning to weave those things together, to give myself fully to my husband and daughter. My heart's desire is then to have capacity to create a life-giving home where people experience Jesus when they come. I'm still working out the kinks of how that actually looks on a schedule, but that's what I'm asking God to help me towards. 

**Looking forward, are there things you want to try teach your children? 
I want our children to be able to know God to the most of their ability at each stage of their childhood. I want them to know they are loved and valued by us and the Lord. I do want them to see that out of our love for Jesus and His love for us that we also love the outside world in Jesus. I want her to find how God made her and worship and enjoy Him with all her being. I want her to be able to love people well and love God well because she knows she is loved by us and by Jesus. I so deeply want her to live in the grace of Jesus.

**Whats one thing you want to share with college women, single, newly married or women with children who are struggling to do or are new to ministry? 
Please, oh please, be kind to yourself. If God's grace is enough for you, then you don't need to be harder on yourself than the Lord is. Life transitions are so much more wonderful and difficult than you know. Your Father knows just how limited you are and does not expect seamless transition, but He does want your trust in Him and walk with Him. Also, as I tell myself this over and over, stop comparing now. You will be so stuck in despair or pride if you evaluations of yourself are the standards of other women. 

**How can we pray for you? 
Would you pray for God to shepherd my heart in what activities to participate in? To know how to use my time well as far as when to say no to activities and when to say yes. That I would clearly hear the Holy Spirit when He leads me and teaches me. And that I would extend the same grace to myself. This transition is tougher than I thought!


Jamie said...

jojo, i'm loving this series and we're not even that far in yet! because of reading your thoughts, i started "daws" today and am amazed i've never read it before. love the call to prayer and to memorization! anyway, so glad you are doing this.. ;)

Joshua Ray said...

"I so deeply want her to live in the grace of Jesus."

What a beautiful desire for children! thank you for sharing this, Joanna, and thank Megan too! :)