Thursday, May 17, 2012

M.I.M: dream big

Next on our list of Moms to question and interview for good ideas is my good friend Joni.  Joni and I first met in Japan in 2006. I remember emailing her days beforehand to see if she would bring me some hair products from America.  And since then she has always graciously given me gifts, her time, and her energy.  Joni and I have so many memories together it's hard to pick just one or two but one thing I love about Joni is that she is a BIG dreamer like me.  We often set these high and lofty goals (like reading through the Bible in a month) that we can't sometimes finish but I know that if ever I need someone to dream big with, it's Jones!

Joni will celebrate her daughter Esperanza's first birthday this June and her 2nd wedding anniversary a week or two later on.  A lot of exciting celebrations for Joni and her little family.

Thanks Jones for taking time to answer my questions.

**What's the biggest difference between ministering as a single gal and ministering with a baby?
How I spend my time and narrowing my focus...for example, I don't go on campus everyday and don't try to call up a bunch of women.  Now I have 2 women that I focus on, make it to campus once a week and invite women to come over while Esperanza is napping.

**What has been a highlight of ministering as a mother?
I love seeing how joyful Espie is with everyone she meets and she teaches me a lot about how I can love the women around me unconditionally.

**What has been a hardship?
Finding like-minded friends and co-laborers to live life with.

**Do you intertwine ministry and Espie's life? If so, how?
Yes! We have taken her with us on campus, on our spring break trip but mostly we minister from our home.  When our friends from UH come over to our apt. I try to be real with what I am learning in the moment and why God is teaching me as a mom.  Pretty much invite them into my world and get into theirs.  Actually, a lot of what I do now as a mom, I learned from my discipler Tara.  Mike and I have also asked quite a few of the women to babysit over the past year and it is a fun way to connect with them when we come back after our date! :)

**Looking back, would you do anything different?
Dude, I would do a lot of things differently!!! I would release control of ministry on campus (I would worry and feel like I should be on campus more...) and enjoy blessing people as a family.

**Looking forward, are there things you want to try to teach Espie? 
How good it is to know and follow Jesus... how to skateboard, bake cookies, arts and crafts, play guitar, hide His Word in her heart, ask good questions :)... and how to love and value people as the Lord does... (fun things like that!)

**Whats one thing you want to share with college women, single, newly married or women with children who are struggling to do or are new to ministry? 
Can I share two?  Get really good times with Jesus each day and follow His example of relating with the Father and people.  God loves you for who you are - not what you can do for Him! As you follow Him, you will find that there is so much JOY in giving your life away!

**If someone asked you, "Why is it important to be intentional outside of the home when God has given you children" what would you say?
Philemon 6 "I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith SO THAT you may have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ." If I want that, and if I want that for my children, I need to be intentional among the lost.

**How can we pray for you?
Friends in Hawaii to labor alongside of and His wisdom to know how to raise our little Esperanza!


jodi said...

that's my sister and niece!!! :D thanks for sharing great thoughts and insights from others, good questions!!

Joshua Ray said...

" God loves you for who you are - not what you can do for Him! "

Such good truth! Again, thanks for sharing!