Saturday, October 06, 2012


After yesterday's post I couldn't help but feel like I did a lot of whining and not a lot of solution finding.
Thank God today His mercies are new and that I can start afresh.
So here's what God reminded me of. Thankfulness.
When I feel itchy in life I need to remember all the goodness God has lavished on me. Starting with His Son Jesus and the reconciliation that was offered on the cross.
Oh, Lord, help me not to lose sight of all that I have.
I'm so humbled that even Jesus didn't consider Himself equal to God but became a servant. Man! How I need this mindset in life.
I'm thankful for three awesome years with our neighbors and the way A brought beauty to her backyard. That woman was amazing with plants! I'm thankful for Long Beach and the church friends, neighbor friends and friends I have. I have so many!

So here are just a FEW of the things I am thankful for....

 five years of friendship and three of those being married to the best man on this earth. Seriously love this guy!!

 nature! I am so refreshed and revived when I get into God's creation!


 homemade soup

 friends who know you and know what makes you smile!

quiet mornings, friendships, and the simple pleasures of things like pumpkin pie bagels.  Who knew those could make me so happy?

babies who love each other and are so sweet.
(and who are currently chasing each other in my curtains! Their giggles are more than I deserve in this life. Ah, Lord! Thank you!)

It's the simple things in life and sometimes I forget that.  Don't be afraid to knock me upside the head next time I forget. :P

*sigh* well, if I never learn to be content, at least maybe I'll learn to be thankful while yearning for the things yet to come!

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Alissa said...

I love your babies with their blankies! :)