Sunday, August 20, 2006

Now hiring

Today was an interesting train day... and needless to say, I had the heaviest stupid bag ever. And not just one heavy bag but three... I'm ridiculous. ha ha! So as I was dragging my ridiculous bag down the sidewalk I was thinking of all the ways this could be better.
And I came up with a big strong man... but not just a man but a bodyguard.
So... I am now in the "market" for hiring a bodyguard.

These are all the things my bodyguard will do:
carry my heavy luggage
beat up scary people near ATMs (all I have to say is I was giving myself one heck of a pep talk)
fix/make things with tools (i have two screws sticking out of my wall, don't ask)
create a space with his big muscles around me on crowded trains
laugh at all my jokes
go running with me in the morning
know the Japan train system
do the whole "everybody move!!" from Princess Bride
watch ELF, GRINCH, and WHITE CHRISTMAS during all seasons
...but mostly just carry my luggage...
I've been realizing what I'm "missing" without good friends around since the SETers left me. And because I can't ask THEM to come back just to carry my heavy luggage I've invented the next best thing~ a bodyguard.
Enjoy the random pictures. I have to pack for my backpacking trip to Nagoya and Hiroshima. The train leaves MO eki at 5:10AM. Oh yeah, you heard me right.the boys from TOKYO BEST! Don't mess with the BEST (check out the bottom left)
the cool couple I stayed with in Utsu. Ryan and Angie "too cool for Catan" Foster
that is a man, sleeping on Mark. He was tired... so they snuggled.
my favorite picture of Masashi. Masashi is my little brother, he's hilarious!
The ladies in their yukatas.
Joni, Ojen, Jo, and Nachan saying goodbye to Oshima Island.
Duking it out with Masashi... see? Little brother material for sure!
Jerry had the best cliff jumps. Here is "superman"

A cutey snail I found, this was my artistic approach at "if I were a snail"

Mark and Jo take a cliff jump approach...

Hey, Ryan, do you remember slamming Keigo's finger in the car door? ...yeah, so does he. ha ha!

Chilling with some of the Utsu BEST students... camping was SO much fun!

John and Jerry on their way to Norio's house.

And because I'm worries that my mother is worried I never laugh anymore... enjoying Nikko.


Keith said...

sigHey Jo,

We miss you already here in Utsu. It was a blessing to have you join us here for a few weeks!

And if anyone really is worried that Joanna maybe not be laughing anymore I can assure you that it is not the case. She was laughing, and making us laugh so much while she visited us country folks out here in the sticks of Japan.

It's a good thing your friends in Tokyo planed that trip or we may have kidnapped you and made you a permanent member of our group.

Thanks for always teaching me more about how to love and live from my heart!

Keep loving and praying for your dear friends there in Tokyo. The fruit is coming for sure!!

Now that you've seen Ustu in action I'm going to have to come visit Tokyo BET :) sometime this fall.

Kelli B said...

Jo - I'm so glad you've been spending time in Utsu, and that you've gotten to know the Fosters. Angie (used to be Angie Fonken) was one of the first people who ever spoke to me in the dorms at UNI. My freshman year, she asked if I wanted to come to Nav night w/ her - she's such an amazing, grace-filled, loving, and fun person! She is spunky and so amazing. I am glad you've been in their presence.

Friend, I miss you mucho. MUCHO. I cant even tell you.

PS - i love love LOVE your blue board shorts you were wearing in one of your pics....they look so cool!

Love you...

Joanna's mom said...

Thank you, Joanna, for writing such a happy blog. It made me smile. :) The pictures are great. I especially liked Mark snuggling and you leaping off the cliff. Hm-m-m... Let me know how many applications you get for the position offered, and I will help you screen them! Thank you, Keith, for confirming that Joanna is truly still laughing! I am glad she was able to cheer you "country folks" a bit. You will enjoy a fall visit to the Big City I'm sure. You two have remarkable hearts for your work in Japan. Press make me proud! God is good!

sara fitz said...

it was SO good to see your laughing face...and to see the fosters! missing you, joanna.

Holly said...

I had a great time with some of your summer friends. It was sad to leave them and I was only with them for a couple days. I know you must have been super sad to see them go. It was funny because I recognized them from your blog and they recognized me from your stories. So, because of you we already had this amazing connection that allowed us to connect relatively deeply. i will have to go visit them again sometime for sure.
that picture of keigo is excellent. it makes me miss all the students a ton. love ya!

the jake said...

Sorry Jo. I would apply, but it would be a heck of a commute. Call me sometime. I'm usually around in the wee hours of the morning.