Monday, August 07, 2006


"John "Jack" Lee" ~Facethefool~ EH

Once a man better than I said we are never more like the Enemy,
Than when we strive to sit on thrones, to be greater than we be.
How true indeed when birthed in world full of appetite and noise.
Then how rare indeed, few and far between, to have met a gentle song like Jack.

Jack excelled in every skill, but for greatness not his strife.
He was a steadfast city high on a hill, hopeful, quiet and bright.
He did what he did, without complaint, in divine humility.
Brave and still was his build, like men designed for better country.

And in the ranks of the valiant few, like stock found only in fables,
Jack was one to count all but loss, to follow after his Maker.
And by example he led like-hearted men, for no honors from a treacherous world
To walk in faith toward the highest goal along that narrow road.

Then one day, he left his camp, in service of his King,
When news came from that distant shore how Jack had finished the race:

Jack had found himself treading strange waters
Straying behind his brethren,
When suddenly trumpets and choirs cried
From Heaven, erupt in good cheer.
No one heard, but Jack himself, as his breaths grew short and sank.
Then to his great surprise before delight, he found himself awake.
When his eyes, not made of flesh, opened for the very first time,
He knew right away that he had found his way into the outstretched arms of Love.
There he was ushered in with shouts and joy of every fallen saint,
To sit and share with Heavenly hosts, after kneeling before his King.

“Well done, my good and faithful servant.”
Would some say he heard next.
And to this day and days to come
None would dare contend
For even then, at his body’s end
He obeyed and crossed the breach
When the final command of the God who loved him so,
Had summoned His Jack home.

And as those perfect words forever
Warmed his heart to fill,
His brothers frantic down below
To keep, they tried in vain
Against the very Word that forged eternity,
Jack their fellow, their friend.
So there they fell in disbelief, abandoned to walk a while
Without their Jack in this filth and fog of appetite and noise.

But to them who’d call Jack’s King Jesus
The same King, their own
They rest assure and find their greatest hope
For when they too will be summoned home
Beyond the breach and into laughter,
Where they will join Jack there.
And until that day, when they meet again,
To bask in eternal revelry,
They’ll weep so bitterly shedding tears of loss,
For a man who celebrates in glory.


your mom said...

Your poem is beautiful. I am eager to meet Jack when my turn comes. Even from afar I both weep and celebrate with you. See you soon, my beloved daughter.

Kelli B said...

You have a gift my friend. A very beautiful gift. I am certain this is received as a fragrant offering before the King.

Love you girl. Love your heart - and *hugs* from Iowa.

Joanna Kay said...

Oh, I didn't write the poem. Sorry, I wish I had but actually Eddie wrote the poem. Thanks though.

Kelli B said...

Wow! Still cool...still a cool poem.