Thursday, January 11, 2007

The end of a chapter...

Nachan is leaving... It's sad but true. She'll only be gone one year but factor in that I only have a year and a touch more and that makes me sad. She is going to study in Australia for four months and then hopefully get an internship (using english) for six months. What an opportunity. (here she is cutting her cake at her party)
I feel like I have so much to tell you... but as I sit here now only a couple things come to mind.

1. I finished, liked and understood a book on apologetics and proof of the Gospel called "Love God with All Your Mind" by JP Moreland. I was completely floored to read it and have it stir in my heart a longing to know more about the faith I profess and the God I love with all my heart.
The next one to read is "Mere Christianity" by Lewis.

2. The end of this blog least for a little while.

I am going away to Shizuoka to do some intensive language study... to try and boost my Japanese. It's just not at the level I want it. Although the super thing is that last night while taking the Pitts family to Higashi-Kurume, I totally got lost (not fun) and had a sweet conversation with a random Japanese girl (fun) who I believe speaks the most clear and simple Japanese. She was wonderful and even followed us part way so we could catch our transfer. Who does that? Seriously, she was my little Japanese angel. Sooo sweet.

Back to the "end" of the blog. Well, I have been doing some thinking lately and really this has been on my mind for awhile but I would like to take a break from blogging and just concentrate here some more. So I need to say "so long" to cultivating and to everyone on the other end of this fine blog.

I hope I don't lose many of you fine audience members during these four weeks but if this be a page turning... So long my faithful blog readers.

This is an excellent way to keep up with the family and everyone, so I have a feeling I'll be back mid-February... plus, how can I just let "us" go? We've been through so much.

Until then I hope you will pray for me, my studies in Shizuoka, and for my friends.

Please come back and check out the other blogs I have on the right hand side. I have added a couple lately, "And There They Will Stay... the Shorts that is", "A Plethora of Mutual Friends", "Always Fun with a Complete Stranger", and "We Pinky Swore To Be friends".

I love you and am thankful for this time.

See you in February!


Christy said...

What?? Nachan's leaving now? I thought it'd be a long time...wish her good luck for me.

And you're not going to blog anymore? Sad...

..because I haven't told you yet, but I've just started a blog:

But I do really really pray you have a super sweet time in Shizuoka! I'm really excited for you! がんばってね!楽しく日本語を勉強して下さい!静岡に行ったら、日本語がちょう上手になるよ! I love you and please have a great time!

Joanna Kay said...

Christy, Thanks for the message. That's fun! I love you SO much and miss you. Don't worry about me being away from blogger too long. Obviously, the happy news above got me out of the ten minutes I was "cut off". ha ha ha! Probably just Shizuoka I'll be offline but I wanted to give people a warning. I'll be sure to check you out...I mean, check your blog out. :) ha ha love you

Kelli B said...

love you and MISS You already Joanna...but really, really excited for your opportunity to be up there for a good amount of time and language study.