Friday, January 12, 2007

Guess Who?

Okay and if you even think about guessing me I'll dock you SOOOOO many friendship points it's not even funny. Not to mention that would be "muy imposible"!!!! (even think it and three older brothers, plus the most fiercesome sister-in-laws you ever beheld would knock down your front door...)
If you know, no fair ruining it... here's your FUN hints!
1. He's the comic relief at most gatherings of related relations
2. She used to sing and play her guitar in coffeeshops
3. He has facial hair
4. She has none
5. It's their first
6. She used to talk with an accent from the south
7. He has the cutest little sister...
Congratulations, you two!
Oh, I wish I could be there to eat popcorn off your belly, Rckt. :)
I love you and miss you and think you both are going to be great parents.


Jordan said...

I'm guessing Jeremy and Alaina!?

Rckt said...

How big do you think my belly is!?

jamie said...

i'm guessing jordan and rochelle

Kelli B said...




I'm soooo excited! YAY JORDAN AND ROCHELLE!!!!

Kelli B said...

oh Joo-joo-bee. thanks for the "illegal" post on my blog : ) I love you so much. it means a lot to me that you seek me out when you are CHO busy. It seriously means a lot. And i'm posting this on your blog b/c i know that it notifies you on your email, so you can see that i responded : )

hello???? HOw in the WORLD could I forget you??? Seriously. you are smokin something. too much kanji on your brain : ) j/k. love you girl - you are my #1 friend for life. we're lifers, Jo!

Be encouraged friend. What you are doing is valuable and worth it to your long-run experience. This is just another stepping stone. The meloncholy times and the down times are difficult, but i trust they are producing perseverence and perseverence proven character. You will be stronger on the other side!!!

Cnat wait to hear from you soon -