Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Her Example

Hair loose, eyes misty,
she did the thing I yearn to do,
wiped the feet of Jesus
with her tears and her hair,
her crown of glory.

her sins, which are many,
are forgiven, for she loved much.

i run to You,
run to You.
oh refuge and tower of strength.
Spread your arms around me,
Oh, Jesus, spread your arms around me.

Cover me like a child,
Your child.
Your delight.
And you do.

I want you. I need you.
Abba, how can You
be so good?
Sometimes Your goodness
and overwhelms the depth of my heart.
Making me fear You.

Fearing You,
I become fearless.
All else fades...

Your goodness...
Your beauty.
I don't deserve You.
I want to love You more
You always "out-do" me.
Out love me,
Out grace me...

You overflow and pour,
like hot tears on my cheeks.
She who has much sin...
has been forgiven much...
because she loved much.

Abba, truly...
truly You alone.