Thursday, September 27, 2007

how have i gotten here?

How quickly time has passed,
How quickly it's run it's course.
How fast have the years come and gone...
all of them better than the last.
Some better through hardships and tears,
some better through laughter and the conquering of fears.
How quickly has it all come to greet me and then say goodbye.
You were working something bigger I couldn't quite understand,
There were moments I thought you'd left me,
too many to count.
Your hand was on me... through it all.
Fingerprints and guided choices.
You move the stars and the planets in their orb.
You moved my heart to a place amidst a cornfield,
where I would encounter more grace
than I had ever known.
Eating a bagel and a story of Hosea
and I felt the first affects
of something from of ancient days,
the wooing of my heart.
You are still present. You have not left me.
As you wooed me,
you opened my heart to a country and a people,
to a land where I was Goldilocks,
just right.
There are no more words,
no more rhymes to make.
You are too kind.
You've loved too much.
You've given me the world and
called me Your Delight.
As quickly as time goes,
no fear shall i feel
through it all,
the lies, the truth
the good, the bad
the laughter, the tears
the success and the failures...
runs Your scarlet thread
of grace and love.
You are the Faithful One.


sarah g said...

Happy birthday to my favorite friend! xoxo

Lindsay B said...

You are a beautiful writer...

Sara said...