Thursday, September 27, 2007

Birthday Wishes

I just finished writing my birthday post and then headed over to Kelli's blog, feeling pretty satisfied with the start of my birthday...
On Kel's blog I read her blog about her Grandpa and it made me stop...

I hope to never forget the tenderness of life, to never become calloused to the pain others feel as they struggle with jobs, marriages, diseases, starvation, physical fears of things like civil wars and terrorism,etc. etc.

There is a tenderness that cradles my friends.
A tenderness that gives us tears but shows sorrows depth.
Brought to the edge, but held back.

Today I want to remember others...
for if it weren't for the love of others (like Kelli)
I wouldn't be who I am today and enjoying this birthday as I can.


Kelli B said...

Thanks Jo. I love you friend.

Enjoy today - you are ALIVE and WELL. I think knowing my grandpa's state helps me work at enjoying my health and my life as it is right now. It is fleeting.

Love you - Happy Birthday to my best friend.

bluejeans said...

Joanna -
hope you had a happy day...just heard your phone message! WOW! I'm so sorry I missed your call. but we did get your newsletter - coming home! We are glad to continue supporting you in Nav's in CA. Happy homecoming.

Kerry Brannan