Monday, October 01, 2007

It's a Celebration!!

I had the best birthday ever. I felt SO blessed. I got an embarassingly large bouquet of roses...
But one of the greatest parts of my birthday was celebrating with friends all over the world...
This is how it worked; i chose a time when everyone would be up (around the world) and moving around. I tried to find a time that worked well for CST, Pacific, Hawaii Time, and Tokyo Time... after you pick the time you have to pick the location and since Starbucks just happens to be everywhere (grrr but also nice for this reason)... location and time... then you send out the invites... and this is who "met" me for my birthday.

At 9PM I celebrated at Starbucks with my friend Sara, my Dad and my Mom
Sara's my new friend who I met this trip home... she is a beautiful woman and has a joyful giving heart. She's GREAT! Thanks for sharing my birthday with me, Talbert.
Cole, celebrated around 4PM in Hawaii... although in "starbucks spirit" and not really at a Starbucks... this is also not the acurate picture of him celebrating... ha ha! Thanks Cole!Jin, Jennifer, and Mary celebrated at Starbucks in Manganji (aka Tokyo)
Jeremiah and Joni celebrated in California...
Hey, what are you guys spelling? Joni, is your mouth an "a"?? Ha ha ha!!! I laughed so hard.
Joni brought a couple friends to my party... hello, new friend!
Hello more new friends.
Mikey celebrated in LA...
and Lawrence celebrated at home with chocolate milk and the beanie I made him... :)
Wow! I am super blessed.


Christy said...

OMYGOSH! Gilbert's very own Joe's Real BBQ has expanded to Hawaii!?!?!

Wait, no, not Cole's in GILBERT? :DDD!

haha, no that was taken when he visited Arizona last summer :D But Cole, it'd be sweet if you came back for some good homestyle cookin again soon! ...definitely a time of celebrating...the joy of that good food.

Jo, I haven't sent you my picture of me celebrating your birthday yet! I'll get on that...


You're gonna be 8 hours away from me soon!... still sorry I can't be there! I'll see if Joni or Ojen can hug you for me!

Kelli B said...

i've got to be honest..i'm kinda bummed that i didnt even know about this.