Monday, October 15, 2007

Let the Birthday Continue...

Here are some more pictures from people who celebrated my birthday bash at Starbucks:
Priscilla and her roommates
Meaghan and her boyfriend Tim... Tim looks really excited to celebrate my birthday. Thanks Tim!

Awww... cute! Ryan and Ariel were "there".

Christy grabbed a drink "with" me... in Arizona.

Keigo, Kie, Kyle and Jennifer were all there to celebrate my big day... complete with a sign they made.

See? Nice, huh?

And last but not least... I know, had there not been an invite miscommunication that my best friend Kelli would have celebrated my big day with me. So, because I overlooked my sweet best friend... I am now adding her picture because I know she was there with me in heart.

Thanks everyone for pictures. Thanks for celebrating my big day with me.


Kelli B said...

Thanks for the props jo. love you pal. you are surely celebrated by many!

Haha XOXOX said...

Birthdays...schmirthdays...when you receive such beautiful fall leaves with a message! Someone sure misses you, and I thought CA was summer year 'round! :)