Saturday, October 06, 2007

I heart California

Would you like a complimentary upgrade to first class from Detroit to LA?
Um, yes... yes, please! I stopped in California on my way back to Japan... California was full of good food and good friends... I had the best time ever in 40 hours. :) I really wanted to stop in and see my friends from the SIJ 2006 and 2007. I hadn't seen Ojen, Priscilla, Cole, Eddie, Jeremiah, Jane... for over a year~ so I was missing them like something crazy. I was also wanting to spend some time with the team from this summer and perhaps, I wanted some time with a guy who I am just crazy about... hee hee hee!
I'm such a nerd~ this is how I reacted when I saw Ojen for the first time.
And Jeremiah
Seeing the infamous Oak Glen apartment... with Joni
Joni is sooo great.
Mmm good food!! Here I am looking at everyone around me thinking, "Why am I so blessed?"
Speaking of blessings...
Joni and I on the beach.
"Come in, Jeremiah. The water is grrrreat!"
I love this picture of Chris Wu and I. I'm laughing at something... probably something I said that I find hilarious and Chris is like, "uhhh... you're jokes are not that funny, Joanna."
Joni and I in Chris's eye!
Ahhh.... seeing so many friends.
Joy, Jo and Priscilla.
I am super de duper blessed.
Thank you, Jesus for friendships that are from You. That no matter, the time, distance or space that separates us~ You are the one who works all things together... Thank You.


Haha said...

Awesome pictures, awesome friends, awesome memories...awesome you! Thanks for sharing CA with us, and I LOVE your new blog background! XOXOX

Joanna Kay said...

thanks mama. i love you CHO much!

Ojen said...

im cho glad you enjoyed CA Jo! were definitely the ones that are blessed! love you JoJo