Monday, October 08, 2007

Handwritten Letters and Kitchen Secrets

I can still recall where I was standing when Hilary Pepper introduced me to Kelli Brown. And I recognized her name because I had been praying for her... although she was just a name on a piece of paper at that time... but through that first meeting, a deep and unique friendship was born between Kelli Brown Burrier and I...
Through the summer at Snow Mountain Ranch, Kelli and I poured our hearts out to each other and laid our thoughts, prayers, and dreams before the Lord.
6AM prayer, deep sharing, tears, laughter... swimming with scripture, climbing Mt. Albert...
M&M blizzards, green apples and more seriously, I was honored to watch as Marcus Burrier started to boldly lead and pursue my sister through dating, engagement and marriage.
Kelli is beauty to me. Her friendship has always been faithful, loyal, and strong. Like her heart for the Lord. Kelli is my encourager and protector. :) She is my sister and best friend. I love her dearly.
I just want to lift Kelli up this week... will you pray for my dear friend?
Here is Kel's prayer requests in her own words...
1. rest/recoup from head cold - havent slept more than 4 hours in 2 straight weeks
2. Be a witness to the Lord in my life via my words and hard work this week in St. Loius - we're working 3rd shift from 7pm-7am with corporate America folks
3. Endurance to do the work God has given me with a steady heart, integrity, honesty, and self-sacrifice
4. Finish strong the month of October
5. Find balance in coming month between work and personal life.
and I want to add my own for Kel:
**pray for her marriage with Marcus, that they would fall MORE in love as time passes, pray that they would honor each other as they grow in Christ together.
**pray for her desires to be overseas someday. pray that God would hear her heart and her desires and grant her those.

You can check out more about Kelli, her great adventures, and her beautiful heart by clicking on her name which has been linked above or clicking on the links to the right. Her blog is titled, "handwritten letters and kitchen secrets".

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Kelli B said...

thanks jo.

i like the look of your blog...way awesome.

handwritten letters and kitchen secrets?

love you pal. i miss you so.