Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I'm having serious writer's block... well, not so much WRITER'S block... more like workshop block.
Everyone on staff is giving a workshop. Mary, Mark, Kyle and Jin have all gone. Jennifer, Ruth Ann (visiting from Utsu) and I are left. I am going on Tuesday....
and I have just one thought about what I want to talk about.
But what I want to talk about is also very bearing of my soul...
living a life of forgiveness....
even just saying that to you makes me want to delete this post. But I'm hoping small steps will add up to larger ones.
I cannot get past a certain point. For instance, why do I struggle with the concept of forgiveness? It's easy to tell my friends that there is grace and that God loves them BECAUSE I BELIEVE THAT TO BE TRUE.
But then why do I believe the lie that the standard is higher for myself?? I really don't know.
i can't seem to gather my thoughts... can't seem to decide what to share or not share...
i hate lies and i hate satan.
maybe i can use that as my title??? that's a start.
(p.s. I'll be sure to post my workshop when I finish it. God will have glory in my life and through my workshop blockage. :D)

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