Thursday, May 22, 2008

Meet Saaya

This is my roommate Saaya. I'm going to "introduce" you to her through an impromtu interview... aka I'm distracting her from homework. Jo: Hello Saaya.
S: Hello.
Jo: How old are you Saaya?
S: 19
Jo: What's your favorite color?
S: Hmm I think pink.
Jo: What's your favorite color to wear?
S: Black.
What's your first memory with me?
Camping? we did pair talk, do you remember that? And then we went swimming.
What was your first impression of me?
Uh, when I first saw your face, you were kind of scary. You looked smart and you talked smart...
But then you got to know me...
(laughs) And now you are my favorite crazy person.
Who's smarter me or Mark?
Don't answer that. What do you think about Americans.
Fun but crazy. Iiiimide (in a good way)
Tell everyone where you are gong to study next fall?
East Tennessee State University
What are you the most excited about?
Hmmm... making new friends?.... Tabun (maybe)
Tabun? Are you nervous?
Yes, I'm nervous.
About what?
(matter of factly) Making friends.
Oh... let's see. What else do you want people to know about you?
long pause...
Um, I don't know. What do you think?
What's your favorite thing to eat?
everything... uh, nandaro (thinking word)... um... my darling.
People reading this won't know what "my darling" is... can you explain?
My darling is carbohydrates.
Nice. Ummm... what kind of music do you like?
What do you think? What kind of music do I like? You know me....
maybe.... (long pause) pop? avril lavigne?
Saaya, what do you want to do when you graduate college?
chotto matte (one minute) Um, I want to... chottos matte... stop writing... chotto matte... where's my dictionary... kansa... kansa.... (runs into other room).... kansa? This one. (shows the interviewer the dictionary)
oh, auditor.
What's your favorite english word?
(thinking) nandake (thinking word) I must have one but I can't remember... um.... oh, Cho. Cho is english.
Cho is Japanese.
(laughs and grabs dictionary)
What's your favorite movie?
Legally Blonde
Do you like my cooking?
What do you like?
Oyakyudon was amazing...
What about my green gyouza?
(long pause)... the first ones were difficult... do you remember the first ones?
Yeah, they were cho green?
Yeah. After that, it was okay.
Describe yourself in two words...three words...
Hmmm... that's tough. You can describe me. I think you know me better than I do.
Okay. Let me think... friendly... loyal... and cho fun.
Thank you.
You are a good friend.
Thank you.
You're welcome
You are... a super friend... I don't know. You're special.
Aw, that was nice. Okay, one more thing before we say goodbye and I frost my cookies... anything you want to say to my readers??
Um, hello. Nice to meet you. I didn't meet you though. But thank you for reading...


kyle and jennifer said...

oh, to be a fly on the wall in your apartment :) haha!
i love watching you love your roommates, jo! love on!

Leslie said...

The interview was great! What fun to know you, Joanna, and to meet your friend, Saaya. We so look forward to hugging you in June and hugging Saaya in August! :) I love you! Mom

Kelli B said...

i loved this post! please say hello to saaya for Marcus and I!