Thursday, May 15, 2008

something interesting to post about...

okay, so in the midst of my busyness I've managed to find two new internet sites that I am totally DIGGING.
The first one is
You have to go and check it out...

Somehow I am completely fixiated on the fact that I could have a GARDEN in my apartment. And not just a garden but I could grow stuff to eat. Ahhhh... what a dream come true for me.

Take note la familia: this would be a good birthday present (or welcome home present) hee hee hee

Hey Sarah G. I thought of you when I saw the hummingbird flower seeds... you should check into that.

The second website I'm digging is:

Don't judge me... but I have a love for shelving. Shelving is so nice and organized. I enjoy shelving, people! And I'm not ashamed to admit it. In fact, I dare you to go to this website and NOT fall in love with shelving yourself. I think it's impossible.

So in the midst of all my thoughts, dreams and running around like crazy trying to decide what my Dad wants from Japan before I leave... I've found a little distraction from life in these two sites.

Enjoy them.

(p.s. the tomato plant is SO convenient for when the weather gets cold, you can just bring it inside and continue enjoying the tomatoes all year round. WOW WOW WOW!!!)

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Sarah G said...

The garden in a pail is SO up my ally! I love it!