Wednesday, June 10, 2009

did you...

sign me up for a This Old House subscription?

I got the June 2009 magazine in the mail and it has my name printed on it and everything. I have to admit... I'm kind of liking this magazine.

I know, I know that sounds weird but they have all these weird great ideas on how to DIY (do-it-yourself) around the home.

I have a weird liking to different magazines. For example, my favorite magazine which is Country is by far the best magazine a city girl can get. You can keep your Glamours and your Cosmos. I can curl up with a Country magazine any day (in fact, Grandma Icenogle sent me all the fall issues this past year). I just love that magazine because it reminds me of all the wholesome and simple things in life. I'm sure there are people my age who like that magazine but I've never met them. I'm always eager to see the pictures, read the recipes, and hear how the farmers are fixing their different tools around the shed.

I know, I know! I'm a nerd. Actually, writing this makes me think of Miss Sarah Gehrman. Sarah, how's your hummingbird garden this spring/summer? I bet we're the only two old generation youngin's out there!!

Besides Country, I also love Real Simple which is my favorite magazine and other DIY type magazines. And now that I'm leafing through it, This Old House is full of good ideas as well.

Hmmm... I wonder if I'll be the only girl at the pool with this magazine....

editors note: just in case you thought i was lying about how heavenly this magazine is: check it out for yourself and get a free issue. You'll love it. It's to die for!!

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sarah g said...

Hey Jo! My hummingbird garden is subpar at best. Felix and Oscar have done their best to trample everything I've planted, BUT I think my new honeysuckle vine is going to live and my perenial salvia is doing great. My friends think I'm nuts and have no interest in doing the old lady things that I do but I don't mind so much--I've never had a problem with being different! :)