Saturday, June 20, 2009


Do you know who can throw a good party? My roommates!
Katie and Kristine threw me my first bridal shower and I was so touched by their attention to fun details and time that they put into this party. It was beautiful.
We played this fun game where people put their first or favorite memories down of my friendship with them. It was SO much fun to have many sweet friends in attendance.
We had fun champagne to drink. (see what I mean about details? cute pink ice buckets! how cute Kristine!!!)
Kristine also borrowed her Mom's punchbowl and fancy cups. Everything was so beautiful and done remarkably well. I was honored!!

On the phone before everyone arrives...

even the patio doors had their own decorations! :)

the yummy food spread!! YUM! (minus the shrimp tempura)

practicing wearing my veil

Emily and Michelle (my future teammates)

Liz and Sarah Joy (UCLA ladies)

I had to play a game where Kristine had questions and answers from Mikey and I had to guess what he would answer or I would get these lovely little zits.
Well, I answered 13 out of 20 correct.
Fun questions like:
Describe you and Joanna's first kiss. Where were you? When was it?
(i definitely got that one right, I waited a looong time to kiss him!!)
What is Joanna's favorite food?
Mikey answered, "In general, she could eat Mexican food everyday"
I got that right but then he went on.
"Her favorite Japanese food is okonomiyaki. She loves chocolate, sourdough bread, and eating raw cookie dough."
He is right but I didn't know he was so detailed. :)
Your favorite food?
I got this right.
Mikey said, "Anything Asian, preferrably Chinese."
and other questions like...
How many kids does Joanna want? How many do you want?
If Joanna were an animal, what would she be?
What animal would you be?
Describe Joanna in three adjectives?
What three would she use to describe you?
Anyway, I got 13 right! Unfortunately as you can see from the picture... I did get 7 zits!!!

What a fabulous party thrown by fabulous roommates. I am so blessed by wonderful friends!!


Nicole Suzanne Farley said...

This looks so much fun, and you are adorable! I LOVED talking with you today, you blessed me!

Jamie said...

jo jo -- you look positively beautiful! got to see mikey a week or so ago when we were in tokyo. i told him he was a lucky man! ;)

jamie said...

dude i didn't even know that was you in the first photo- you look awesome!

Joanna Kay said...

muchas gracias muchachas! you are too kind. must have been a good hair day or something. ;)

Amy Noxon said...

Oh how fun Jo!!

I agree with everyone, you are a beauty!

Love you much!

Leslie said...

It's the zits...I laughed so hard!
Beautiful inside and out even with all seven! What fun! Good job, ladies! XOXOX