Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Mikey and I flew in to Illinois on Monday, probably the easiest traveling experience I have EVER had. No line for the ticketing counter, the ticketing lady gave us better seats, quick line through security, friendly folk smiling and enjoying themselves, and our flights were seamless. Also, O'Hare was surprisingly easy. I could not believe that! O'Hare, really?!

Now we're in Illinois enjoying wearing our pajamas until 3PM or even later. I didn't pack pajamas because I have a whole closet full of Iowa apparel to reacquaint myself with. And I am.

I've started making small dents on the desserts and have taught my parents a new card game Mikey and I love. They're hooked!!

So why am I posting? It's actually the only thing not cool about Illinois right now. The weather! It's RAINING!?!?! Raining is the worst because I could be enjoying rain from my own apartment. I came to the midwest for the big show! The snow, the snowmen, the snowballs... etc. Not for the rain!


So Illinois, if you're listening, please PLEASE please drop your temperatures and give me some snow! See, I promised my husband a wonderland for Christmas and you're coming up short. Please give us some snow to enjoy for Christmas.


Steven said...

What game? Text me cuz I probably won't check this again.

jamie said...

is it snowin yet>.. it's snowin here!