Tuesday, December 01, 2009

some days

Some days I am on top of the world. I am singing out loud and the world is my audience. The audience always loves me, always cheers me on, and always asks for an encore *which I am always happy to give*!
Some days the sky is richly blue, the leaves are deep green and the sun is warm in its colors and its rays. My laughter penetrates the air and tumbles out from the depths of my belly. I am full of life and life has so much to offer me.
Some days, though, I am shaken by something I cannot express or understand. The sky is still blue, the leaves still green and the sun is warm, yet, I cannot see or feel both. My head is down and my shoulders are heavy with a burden too large to carry.
Most days I am quick to give my burden to the Lord but its lingering affects chill my heart. A child with cancer, the death of a loved one, sickness, poverty, homelessness, loneliness, isolation, despair, fears, and unresolved issues between people...
Most days, I do not carry the burden and yet, I am not able to shake the reality of its continued existence off of me.
Some days are better than others. I am richly blessed and I feel it with joy.
Some days are different than others. I am deeply loved yet I am aware that others are not so loved obviously.
Some days I am convicted and it saddens my heart to see people.
Some days I am oblivious to the world and all around me, I am aware of myself only.

Every day I pray that God would open the eyes of my heart, to be filled with compassion, to realize that I cannot fix everyone but I can love everyone.
Every day I can make a difference if only I would...


jer said...

i like this

Ed said...

I like it too, because it means that you are alive spiritually. And, it reminds me of what George MacDonald said to me just this morning:

"I lay last night and knew not why I was sad.
'Tis well with God,' I said 'and he is the truth;
Let that content me.' 'Tis not strength, nor youth,
Nor bouyant health, or a heart merry-mad,
That makes the fact of things wherein men live:
He is the life, and doth my life outgive;
In him there is no gloom, but all is solemn-glad"

'Solemn-glad' ...