Sunday, May 02, 2010

April 2010

April was such a fun month and so productive.  Of course, it's always a matter of give and take when I'm concerned.  I'm learning more about cooking with fresh fruits and vegetables, etc. but I've also had to throw away a lot this month.  I'm not sure why exactly because I meal plan and try to buy only what I know I'm going to use... however, the busyness of life has picked up to wrap up the end of the school year and we've eaten out more than expected because sometimes it's just easier.

I had to throw out chicken and pork because I forgot I had taken them out to thaw and then they sat in the fridge too long and they smelled sour.  I've had way too many "does this smell funny to you" moments this month between my hubs and I.  


Anyway, April has been a fun month.  I helped hostess Joni's bridal shower and thoroughly enjoyed being on the "giving end" of the shower.  Aw, it was just last year I was busy flipping through magazines and websites trying to put together an event for 300 people.  It was fun but nuts.  I admire women who coordinate or work in the wedding business. It's crazy!

Anyway, I helped at Joni's shower... I got to work on decorations and put together all the pieces and food that other women brought. It was fun to be in charge.  This is a recap of the little vases I made (click on recap).

In the area of crafts, I successfully finished a ton of projects and started a new project! Kelli and I made t-shirts bags and together we figured out how to use two t-shirts to give the "single tee look" a little jazzing up.  It was so much fun to sew.  I finished some random crocheting I had to do and beaded a bunch of earrings.  My friend had a garage sale so I put some earrings together to see if any would sell but alas, they did not.  Not sure if that was just the people looking or my earrings.... hmmm... I also, on a lighter note, started to sew.  Not sure where I'm going with this newfound love but hopefully somewhere like curtains and throw pillows. :)

In April, Mikey surprised me with tickets to fly to Des Moines to see my bf Kelli and her hubs Marcus.  It was beyond wonderful to have 4 1/2 days of just "being" with Kelli. We've never had such relaxed and chill time together.  It was so refreshing.  It also reminded me of all the things K and I have in common.  We both love to craft, to live simply, to read books, to reach out to others (especially people of different cultures), we both love ice cream and the list goes on.  It was a blessing beyond description.  I felt like every time I shared something, Kelli was already there with me on board with whatever I had to say.   It was a huge blessing for me.  Ah, I am spoiled!!

Unfortunately, it's taken me a bit to get back into work mode.  I feel like summer is two steps away and I've had trouble getting back in the swing of things.  All I want to do all day is craft or read or craft.  I keep "rewarding myself" saying that if I get the floor swept I'll sit down and read a chapter (or two).

This month I finished
Same Kind of Different As Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore
I know I gave quite a lengthy review here so I won't bore you with more but please, if you need a good read to lay on the beach with or travel somewhere overseas or just to ENJOY! Pick this up! You won't be sorry!!

I also read "Amusing Ourselves to Death" by Neil Postman and was convicted about the way I allow media to influence and make decisions for me.
I've been struggling with this recently because although I am constantly bombarded with image and lifestyle struggles that I think come mostly from shows I watch.  I think to myself, "I need this," when in reality I don't need it at all.  One of my favorite points that Postman made was that in the past politician's popularity rates were based on their views and the way they prepared, presented and defended those.  Now our minds and often times votes are swayed by television ads with sinister music.  Overall it was a good book that challenged by view of t.v. and how I am influenced by media.

I remember having classes on this in my communication courses at UI.  I don't think I'll ever forget how twisted advertising can be.  Seriously people, the ads don't tell you anything about the product... they just speak into what you need or what you think you need.  It's kind of crazy to get into.

Lastly, I read "Encouragement" by Larry Crabb and Don Allender.  I highly recommend this book to anyone thinking about ministering to others.  It's not a book of "how to" but more the heart and mind behind those who wish to be an encouragement to others.  It talks about the state of people's hearts and only through trusting Jesus fully can we be released to minister to others.  I used this book to give my talk to the Nav women at CSULB and I'm so glad I bought the book.  This was also my second time going through the book. Soooo good!!

Well, that about sums up April.  It was such a good month and May is going great these two days! I have a lot coming up but so much to look forward to!!

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