Tuesday, June 08, 2010

i can't stand an empty pot

I've realized something about myself.
I like to garden. I genuinely like to get my hands in the dirt, prepare the soil for something new and then either transplant the plant (transplant the plant...hmmm) or put in the seed.  I rarely do seeds so I cannot take full credit for being that cool but I can tell you I dearly love to garden.
It's lifegiving.  It brings me joy and is quite refreshing to sit on my patio and be surrounded by greens and pinks and well, life! 

 That is why, when we went to Denver and I saw this...

and this. I told Mikey, "uh uh! no way! we are not leaving here with Rochelle's pots like this. ew!" So we went on an adventure to fill Rochelle's pots with life... and we even let Waveland pick out her own little plant to take care of.

and so the planting began.  We had so much fun getting our hands dirty and transporting the flowers from one little pot to bigger pots where they can flourish. Waveland learns how to pot from Uncle Mikey.

First, put in some soil.

Then plant!

And nurture and feed and water and enjoy! 

Don't forget to water the flowers, Waveland!!

I think we did a pretty good job!!

Gardening is so much fun and especially when you can share the experience!! It was a blast to have Waveland pick out her own flower (a red geranium) and to teach her how to care for the plants while we were there.  
Mikey and I are officially addicted to gardening.  We just picked up three rose bushes and are excited to see if we can care for them to bring forth blossoms.  Wish us luck...
actually, wish Lauren luck! She's the girl who's taking care of our house and garden while we're away. :)  Good luck Lauren! You're going to do great with the garden!!


spartacus21 said...

haha...so you can blame lauren if it doesn't work out! What fun to do that for your family though! If I ever have my own place, you'll have to put your Joanna touch on it if you're not gone yet!

kyle and jennifer said...

can i just say that i'm so stinkin impressed!? you guys are amazing! not just that you brought life to the empty pots for rochelle but that you made waveland a part of it - what a great experience for her!

any chance you can swing by my house and give me a few lessons??? i must admit, i love gardening only when food is involved... ie: my veggie garden is thriving but my potted flowers are whithering away... why water when you don't even get to eat any of it??? :P