Tuesday, March 13, 2012

eight months

eight whole months old.  a not a day shy. :)
Belle and Li Li are growing up so fast and changing before my very eyes.  I love this stage of life as they explore the world around them.  They are starting to say more; Annalie was the first Love Bug to say two sounds together to make up a word and what was that word?
Da Da.
I don't think it counts as the first official word because they aren't associating "da da" with their dada but Hubs does not care. He is one proud papa!
He is thrilled.
Belle also started saying "Baby" and even though she doesn't know what it means, it's still horribly adorable that she says "baby".
cute little pants they received embroidered from a church friend
They are eating solids.  They love squash, avocado and prunes.  They eat just about anything though.  Belle is doing an army crawl and getting around to just about anywhere she pleases.  I can not leave her on the floor for very long. Li Li, on the other hand, has little interest in crawling or moving about.  She's content where she's at and plays with the toys around her.
The girls have started "fighting" over toys.  I use that term very loosely because I know it's not even close to fighting but they just take the toys from each other. Back and forth.  Once in awhile and very rarely will it cause the baby who has lost the toy to screech because for now they aren't understanding that it's a struggle.  They just do it without much fuss.  I have a feeling I'm going to be refereeing a lot in the future.  Or maybe they'll be really good at sharing? (cross my fingers)

For now they are just good little girls and wonderful sweethearts.  They are a delight and a joy to mother and I am so thankful that they are mine.  They are too much fun!!
Enjoy the "outtakes" from the photo session this morning.
Happy 8 Months Love Bugs!!
Belle trying to escape.
Belle.  Both girls love the exersaucer!
What's over here, mama?

Li Li and Mr. Pickles the penguin both girls love to play with.

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