Saturday, March 10, 2012

oh, what's in a word

In January I chose a word... you can read about it here.  It's been interesting to talk to my sweet friend C every week about the words we chose and how God is cultivating them in our lives.  We both laugh as we struggle with our words and said we should have chosen "ice cream" for 2012... who doesn't want more ice cream in their lives? Am I right or am I right?

That's what I thought. But although contentment has been a learning process and often times challenging word for me, it has also brought many deep soulful sighs and heart smiles into my life.

Recently, contentment has looked like....

continuing to put down roots and reach out to those around me even though my dreamer mind says, "You won't be here anymore." And although my heart is planning what to pack and what to throw away, what to buy and how to decorate a new home (seriously, i could get carried away) I just stop and go out to talk to my neighbor.  Cause you never know.  I may not be her neighbor for very long but then again, I might be.  And for today, all that matters is that I am her neighbor. Right. Now.

changing rooms with my Love Bugs so that they can have more space to play and sleep, grow and learn while Hubs and I shuffle our way sideways into bed at night. And yes, I had a day (or two) of grieving that they were no longer in the room which I had painstakingly prepared for them.  The room I daydreamed rocking them to sleep in.  And Hubs and I were no longer in the room where I came home to as a new bride.  The room that never, *sigh* never, got decorated or painted or "finished"... *sigh*.  And yes, that can of paint that I swore to use still sits on my shelves.  And I guess my *gulp* step wasn't such a step after all. You can find that smaller than I thought it would be step here.  And contentment is being okay with using the paint or not using the paint.

using my china more and throwing more parties.  It means using "evite" for events that I could have just sent out an email to.  And calling getting together with friends, "events". Celebrating friends who visit and making pies that Hubs and I don't really need to eat but making them just because. 

swinging on the swing set with my Love Bugs.  And yes, I'm bigger than everyone at this park and yes, I'm the only mother using the equipment and yes, I'm giggling like my Love Bugs but this is contentment to me.

letting the Love Bugs play longer in the bath, practice feeding themselves though it's messier, and taking time to really enjoy them.  I did this last night while Hubs was out.  I filled the bathtub with water and let the Love Bugs chase their duckies around the suds.  I sat there and didn't worry if letting them sit in the cool air would lead to them catching colds.  I sat there and watched the joy on their faces as they splashed and didn't worry about getting splashed myself.  I sat there and even on the edge of the tub while I let my feet soak and didn't worry that I wasn't washing them thoroughly enough.  I sat there... and I sighed. With contentment and deep joy in my heart.

This is what contentment looks like for me. Right. Now.

How about you? Did you choose a word? If not, why don't you? It doesn't have to be a January thing, it can be a Spring Thing! :)  How is your word being acted out in your life?

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