Friday, January 06, 2012

one word (a copycat)

 I read this blog written beautifully by my friend A and I can not get her thoughts and the "challenge" out of my head. I have been inspired and challenged to focus on one word for the year!
So I chose "content" or "contentment"... it's my hope and prayer that I will exit 2012 more content than I entered it. :)  My life is so blessed and I am feeling so thankful to God for the last six months.  They were hard months, the hardest I have had in my life, but they were not without reason.  In the midst of these months I realized that I would often "escape" by dreaming of a different circumstance.
A great verse on my bedroom mirror to remind me of my theme for the year!

I love to daydream and plan for the future.  This is a gift and a blessing, a quality I love about myself but it can also be a huge endurance when I am unable (or unwilling) to live in the here and now.

I daydream, for example, of having a house with a yard that my girls can play in.  Now this is not a bad daydream or even an ungodly desire but what is bad is when I become angry with or complain to Hubs about our little home. Sure, it feels tight and even more so with two little ones. Sure, we can hardly imagine having crawlers or walkers in the rooms. And sure, we have literally no idea where we will put our second crib when the day comes....

but those are not good reasons to become discontented.  I have a house. A beautiful house within a wonderful complex.  We came home from the holidays to four brand new windows and new faucets that our maintanence guy put in for us. :)  What a guy! And how great that he did it while we were gone so we didn't have to make arrangements for the girls to go elsewhere to nap.  Way to go Patio Gardens!

Anyway, my theme for the year is "contentment" and I am excited to read through the scriptures with my word in the back of my mind.  I'm excited for where God is going to lead and what He is going to do.  I feel like 2012 is going to be a year of changes!! (not that 2011 wasn't?!?! ha ha)
and on my bathroom mirror
What is your one word?


Anonymous said...

Hi Jo, this is Steph. My one word: Esperar ... to wait. To hope.

jamie said...

don't have a word right now- but i just got done reading kisses from katie- DUDE that book will MAKE YOU content. read it!!!!!! finished it in about 3 days

Abbie said...

I love this :) And I gave Jamie that Kisses from Katie book- it really IS amazing, a must read. It will make you rethink everything about your life here! It challenged my mind in HUGE ways. Love you sister!

Ed said...