Friday, January 13, 2012

6 months!

 Finally!! A legitmate birthday! ha ha
Six months and going strong!
The doctor was so pleased with them at our last check-up.  Apparently they are in the 3-5 percentile for kiddos their age in height and weight but the doctor said they might always be petite since I'm petite. I didn't mention to my doctor that I come from a looong line of petite (and beautiful) women. :)
She said developmentally, though, they are right on target for their age.

 We celebrated the big 6 with solid foods.  We introduced bananas into their diet and the girls really loved it.  They are definitely loving solid foods and eat everything we've given them so far. 

 To celebrate her half birthday MB decided to "creep" or what is the beginning of crawling.  I thought it was pretty funny that I texted my parents and said, "Ooooo we've got a creeper"... then I felt the need to explain to them (and apparently you) that creeping is the wiggling or "army crawl" that happens before crawling.
See the picture above?  She's going for the yellow rattle at the top of the picture.

Excuse me, sister!


Got it!!!!
Seriously, I did not help her move. She wiggled her way up the blanket.
Happy Birthday bebes! 
I love you both!!


Sara said...

Love these pics, especially the success one at the end!

Kelli B said...

You might have a crawler on your hands in the next couple months!!

Your girls are so sweet. Happy 6 months to them :)

Joanna Kay said...

Thanks Sara!! We enjoyed seeing your little guy in the Christmas letter. Keep me posted on him!

Kelli, oh I am pretty sure I will have two little crawlers soon. ready or not....