Monday, January 09, 2012

one of those

Do you ever have "one of those day" where nothing seems to be going right and you wonder, as my good friend Sarah puts it, if you are starring in your very own Truman Show?

Where nothing seems to be going right, in fact, all the little things about your day which usually flow without a thought, suddenly come unglued and fall at your feet begging for your attention? The kind of day where you hope that you open your newspaper or homepage and read that the latest news headline is screaming about how raw cookie dough is actually a major link to fighting cancer. and losing weight. and fighting evil. And the only way to achieve all of those is by eating unheard of amounts of it. All I need is permission, spoon is ready & poised!

And yes, I said raw cookie dough.  It's about time I let you see my weaknesses and flaws.

Friends, its been "one of those days"... and I came on my computer hoping to read about raw cookie dough and instead I am blogging about the hilarity of days gone wrong.  Laundry line fell and dragged all my clean white diapers in the dark, not clean, mud. Boo.  My daughters are extra needy and want to be held. Yay but hard to clean up mud soiled laundry when holding or shall I correctly say "juggling" two little bebes!  Then Hubs comes home, walks past the plant in the hall and announces, "You've got aphids!" Seriously!?! Who has time for aphids?  Dinner has to be on the table at some point in the next 12 hours... perferrably the earlier part of those 12 hours. Diapers need to be changed. Laundry needs to be rewashed and then folded! Oh, and that's if I can get a free washer or dryer... and now I have aphids that need killing.  Ohhhh those aphids won't know the fury I will unleash on them.

But instead of complaining (I consider the above purely story telling... if I were to go on, then I could be accused of complaining) I am choosing to be thankful.

51. I have laundry.  I have multiple loads of multiple outfits for my hubs, bebes and I.  We have closets (too) full of clothes and for that I am very thankful.  I am thankful for clothes that keep us warm and decent. :)
52. My plants.  They breath life into my house and I can't help but smile whenever I water them and tend to them.  They truly do brighten up my home and I love having plants indoors.
53. A random cooking magazine arrived at my door with easy to make meals and yummy looking dishes.  Perhaps we might try one tonight.  Apparently Hubs was chosen as a "target audience" to test out this new magazine.  Don't mind if we do!
54. For $20 I received a coffee mug which enables me to "free" coffee the month of January.  Granted it was $20 but I'm pretty sure I'll be exceeding that above and beyond.
55. Good books from good friends about imaginary faraway places that I can get "caught up in". I love reading!

Do you ever have "one of those day" and what do you do when you have them?

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liz said...

Totally understand, totally have those days. They usually involve me spilling something. Miss you - it's been far too long! By the way, to which book do you refer?