Monday, January 02, 2012

ing & pictures

 Thanking God for this past year and for strengthening me to walk the path that was laid before me.  I pray that I may be found faithful when all is said and done. 
Cooking Chinese hot pot tonight for the second time in Denver. Hubs told me, "It makes my heart smile..." to see my brothers embrace a dish that he himself loves so much.  We also got my brother hooked on kimchee. Yum! Yum!

 Deciding whether or not I want to do "official" New Years Resolutions?
Feeling my heart is full and overflowing after this Christmas season with la familia.
Listening to the chaos that is my niece and nephew in the next room (W is "speaking" Spanish) and 
thinking that the girls will be so lonely when it's just the 3 (4) of us back at home again.  They've been surrounded by children and not just children but lovelies who want to include them in all the games, hold them constantly and share toys with them. 
Daydreaming about changing around my house a bit and planning on decluttering when I get home.  I just have to decide if I want to save the boxes (emphases on the pural) for a garage sale or just drop them off at a thrift store. Hmmm??? But I am very excited to make some changes and prepare our home for little crawlers.  They're not quite there ...yet. But before I know it they'll be moving like crazy!!

And now for your viewing pleasure... our "Schwang Olympics" team pictures... I just luh-ve these! Some of us got the memo to have "warrior faces" and some of us did not!!
 Team Yellow was pretty fierce if I do say so myself!!!

 Team Red was a tough competitor! Leni Daye's face makes me laugh! What a sweetie!

 Team Green (minus a team member) was a force to be reckoning with!

 Team Blue ... well, they were pretty darn cute!

Team Black was ferocious and definitely gave us a run for our money!!

I love my family. We're pretty crazy!

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Sommer said...

Olympics?!?!?...tell me more. That looks like SO much fun and I LOVE the pictures! Glad you had a great Christmas with your family, my favorite flower girl cousin :)