Thursday, January 12, 2012

guess who?

 Guess who started sitting up better?

Guess who got brand new booster seats?
Guess who sits up like big girls in their booster seats?

 Guess who started solids?

Guess who loves their solids and can't get enough of them?

Looks like we got a couple of bowl lickers in the family! :) I started them this week on chocolate and chicken wings... 

just kidding.


Ed said...

Am I really supposed to guess? OK, I will guess (in order of the pictures) LiLi, Belle, Belle and LiLi.

Now the fun starts ... not just eating your food, but WEARING it: shmearing it on like make-up!

Wow are they cute.

Kelli B said...

I love them!! And I'm sad we talked about everything else but what new things the girls are doing last night. I'm glad for this update - they are changing and growing so quickly. Hugs!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 6 months birthday, baby girls! How were your gooey bananas? I love your new booster high chairs. Jesus sure made precious babies in our family...all of them! XOXOX Gramma